Use this Group Healing Video to Manifest!

Use this Group Healing Video to Manifest!

(Click the image above to view the video) Remember each moment brings a new choice. By being mindful, you can shift your perceptions around any given circumstance. Create the life you truly desire. Think of all the beauty and wonder this year has in store for you, all the fresh new ideas that have yet to be manifested. Each of us has a creative genius and innate intelligence that lives inside us. By tuning into this energy you can raise your vibrations and understand there are no limits! You are infinite possibility. (Watch this group healing and tune into the powerful energy that is you!)

Love to you all,
Shaman Isabella

A Song for Pachamama


Dear Tribe! Can you feel the stillness in the air? The quiet after the storm? There is a new energy on earth and those of you who are “hidden healers” are awakening. Stay true to your beliefs and tune into your intuition. If you make a mistake see it as a life lesson instead of beating yourself up. Being kind to oneself is the only way to grow.


Listen to this song I learned in Ibiza, Spain while in a sweat lodge and watch the video I made in Italy…..feel the ancient energy all around you and learn how to trust your inner knowing.


As always you are in my prayers…
Peace, Shaman Isabella


Shaman Healing Toning at the Beach

Everyone has their own special tone. By using your voice, you can actually clear your vibration. I love assisting my clients in finding their inner wisdom using shamanic techniques. After just one session you will feel light and more in tune with your spirit!

Blessings to you all from Normans Bay!!