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Let go of unwanted energies, heal the land and feel peaceful in your home.
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Land and House Clearings – Blessings

Shaman Isabella performs Land/House clearings and blessings. Isabella is able to cast out unwanted energies, heal the land and ancestors at such a deep level you and your family will feel the love and joy that your home is meant to feel. Despacho ceremony blessings are a Peruvian prayer that come from a deep place of honor and respect. Shaman Isabella is highly connected in the spirit world and is able to work together in harmony with creator for transformational healings on all levels. These clearings & blessings are very powerful.

If you have had a death in the family, gone through a divorce, moved into a new home or are trying to sell, house clearings work.
Everything is energy and some items can hold negative energy. Pieces of furniture, books, jewelry even cars can hold a vibration that no longer serves you. The work I do with the land – home moves aways unwanted vibrations so you home will feel peaceful and contact to you. 

“Many times we find we do not feel comfortable in our own homes. There are things that linger in and on the land. I have a special technique of clearing out negative energy from your home in a matter of one session. – Shaman Isabella

Price depends on location and size of property

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