Release the Negative Mind

Detox the Mind is a 5-day virtual class. For 20 mins. a day I will lead you through different experiences to release the negative mind. Shamanic journey, meditations, journaling, techniques, and healing are all included. Read testimonials of others who enjoyed the class below. 


Detox the Mind Testimonials


“My heart overflows with gratitude for Isabella and for all that she offers through the Orange County Healing Center. I first met her about 10 years ago, during a turbulent time in my life. To this day I don’t think she is even aware of how much her support helped to shift my life for the better.

Over the last several days I was able to participate in her Detox the Mind series, and it was exactly what my soul was needing! Her insights were completely synchronistic with the personal work that I’ve been doing. She is quite gifted at reading the energy in the room and bringing forth the messages that are needed. Isabella offers a kind, compassionate space, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone

I just completed a virtual five day course at the OC Healing Center called Detox the Mind. Each day included a short meditation, healings, techniques and powerful lessons on clearing the mind that brought me instant peace. By the end of the classes, I let go of the fear and stress that built up in my thoughts and emotions throughout 2020. I feel lighter and for that I’m grateful; it truly was a detox.
~Kim, owner of the Modern Shaman Kitchen, Whittier, CA

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