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“In the river of life we struggle to move up stream, yet what we really want is to go with the flow. We all desire for our lives to flow like the river, calm and serene. I assist you in clearing out old patterns and heavy energies so your life will flow again in a natural, peaceful and calm way. ~Shaman Isabella

My energy healings assist in releasing the stories that no longer serve you. Using a variety of ancient techniques, I clear your energy field so you have more clarity and direction in your life. You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel after just one session.

Awaken the Creator within!

People come to me from all walks of life. Regardless of background or religion, we are all faced with the same types of challenges.

I am an intuitive healer that can assist you in creating a peaceful, high vibrational life.


Many people are unable to move forward or are stuck in a cycle of old patterns and addiction, desperate for change.

Many of the problems we are faced with are connected to our ancestors and our past. During my Shaman energy healing sessions you will learn how we repeat the patterns of our parents and grandparents and how those patterns can be shifted, so you can live the life you came here to live. 

I teach my clients to unwind old patterns and release the pain and suffering of generations. The stories that held them back in the past melt away and they are able to shift their perception around what happen. When we can take a birds-eye view of our life and gain a better understanding, we are able to let go and live.

Did you know your thoughts become things? Behind every thought is energy. Energy follows thought. Whatever you think about you get more of. What we think about also effects the way we feel. The things we say to ourselves over and over create our reality. I can teach you how to think more positively, every day. My sessions clear away the negativity so you can have the space to create new positive thoughts daily. I give my clients the ability to let go of their old stories and shift their perception.

Shamanic Healings assist in connecting you with your inner wisdom and intuition. Once we learn how to shift our perceptions, we can see our lives in a whole new way.

Change your thinking, change your life! 

Cleanse your spirit and light up your soul. I am looking forward to assisting you and your families soon. 

I am usually booked weeks in advance so if you cannot find a day or time that works please email me, and I will do my best to fit you in.

Energy Healing

Each session is filled with positive vibrations to assist you in moving forward in your life. Chakra balancing and soul retrieval are just a of few of the techniques I provide.

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What People are Saying

Shaman Isabella has literally changed my life…

Isabella is a beautiful person and an amazing Shaman. Her abilities are profound, and she has, literally, changed my life! I had a session with her, asking her to remove the blocks, that I know are there, that are keeping me from moving forward on my path. I had a session with her and four days later, I was offered a beautiful place to live and a job I could rely on. Everything was cleared and my new life finally came into fruition…I will forever be grateful and I recommend her to everyone who seeks truth, healing and enlightenment. Thank you Isabella🥰

Heidi Hooper

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“I felt a sense of peace and happiness”

“Yesterday was a beautiful day, I felt a sense of peace and happiness. The energy in the healing center is warm and light. Meeting Isabella has inspired me to work on my inner self and move forward. She is incredibly gifted and loving. You will not be disappointed!”


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“Shaping who I am becoming for the future. ”

“My experience with Isabella was remarkable. It was a healing that I have never felt before: powerful, life changing, and is still shaping who I am becoming for the future. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE HER MODALITY OF HEALING! I’m hooked.””

Ryan Fukuda

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“fully reconnecting me back to my soul”

“Thank you for fully reconnecting me back to my soul, with an open, warm heart and a fun energy about you. I immediately felt a sense of relief. Overall, thank you for adding a fun, authentic energy to my healing process.”


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“Isabella stands apart from a very crowded field”

“In a world of big promises and disappointing results, Isabella stands apart from a very crowded field. In my personal experience with Isabella, I have found that she has been able to solve problems in weeks, where conventional therapy can take years, if not decades”


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Bring the Good Vibes home.

Shaman Isabella Stoloff

The Good Vibes deck was co-created with her daughter Victoria Craven for you to feel good vibrations daily

Each inspiring card is interwoven with high vibrational energy quotes and step-by-step instructions.

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