Energy Healing

One-on-One energy healing sessions. Chakra balancing and soul retrieval, meditations are just a of few of the services I provide. You are booking a one hour session. 48 hour cancellation policy.

1/2 Hour Sessions

These 1/2 hour phone sessions include: Chakra balancing & Illuminations. I easily track issues that hold you back and clear them quickly, bringing you into a balanced state. 48 hour cancellation policy.

Spiritual Coaching

Twice a month we will dive deep into your spiritual development while clearing what no longer serves you. Please use your 2 sessions each month, as there is no carrying over. This is a $1200 savings. 48 hour cancellation policy.

Land/House Clearing and Blessings

Each home holds energy and many times this energy needs to be cleared. Whether it is from the home or the land, old stuck vibrations, once cleared, will bring you peace and stability in your home.

Weddings/Private Group Healing

I am an officiant for weddings and create beautiful ceremonies for the bride and groom. You can also bring me to your group functions or family gatherings for personal ceremonies.

Call if interested 714-603-8624