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Detox the Body is a 5-day virtual class. For 20 mins. each day you will learn, meditation, movement, journaling, and receive healing. This class is packed with information to guide you on your spiritual path.

The choices we make regarding what we are feeding our thoughts, is the same as the choices around what we are feeding our bodies. My intention for this 5-day class is for you to feel better inside and out.

Change your thinking, Change your life!

If you are local and interested in Detoxing with Earthly Juices, here is a 20% off code for any item.
Just use the code: Detox the Body
I love their weekend warrior juice and feel it is a perfect jump start to resetting your body and staying healthy.
They deliver in the LA and OC area or you can go order online and go to Long each, CA to pick up.

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