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Shaman Energy Life Coaching

During these 12 sessions you will connect with me for one hour 12 times. This can be done weekly, bi-monthly, or whenever you feel called to work together, within a 6 month period.

In these life coaching energy sessions, I will be able to assist you in moving forward with your business ideas, or current business structure, life path choices, energy healing, anxiety, past trauma, energy blocks, or anything that keeps you from being the best version of yourself. Clarity of mind is key.

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Please make note of my 48 hr cancellation policy.

Shaman Energy Healing

Everything that has ever happened to us creates a memory imprint on our light-body.

We continually react from these imprints until they are cleared.

Energy healing assists you in feeling lighter and more in tune with your spiritual nature. These healing’s also help to create space in your mind and free you from the constant negative thinking.

Many clients call me seeking relief from issues that are keeping them from moving forward in their lives. What I have found is that everything that has ever happened to us gets stored on our body and our light-body. If these issues are not addressed they can make us feel stuck and unable to move forward.

The healings I give clear negative imprints so you can move forward and create the life you truly desire. My techniques work at a deep core level so you are able to release quickly what you have been holding onto for years and even lifetimes.

Two of my healing techniques are called Past life soul retrieval and Present day soul retrieval. These techniques bring back splintered pieces of your light. Remembering the beauty of your light creates more connection to your true purpose.

My clients walk away feeling lighter and brighter with a deep sense of peace.

Healings Include
Chakra Balancing | Soul Retrievals | Death rites that release lifetimes of pain and suffering

Sessions last approx. 1 hour

Detox the Mind

Join me Jan 21, 22, 23, 24, 25th, from 10:00-10:20am, for 5 days, 20 mins a day and learn how to clear your mind to create health and wellness in your spirit. This will be a ZOOM call and I will send you the info once you’ve signed up. All calls will be recorded. Each...

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Audio Meditation: Creating Space In Your Mind

Are you stuck in the same old patterns or have you broken free from your mind and allowed yourself time to fly? Personally I go back and forth. Sometimes I feel stuck and others I am able to make my way out of my mind. This is the ebb and flow of life....

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Audio Meditation – Inner Child

Past wounds can get stuck in your energy field and chakra body creating feelings of lack and fear as well as many other issues. Becoming conscious of how you feel is key. Throughout the day check in with yourself and see how you are feeling.  Notice how you feel...

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Meditation & Prayer

There are many different ways to meditate. Sitting still is not always the answer for everyone all the time. Any chance you get to unload your mind do it. You can watch your thoughts as you walk down the street or as you are gardening. Expressive movement & dance...

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Feeling down?

If you are feeling lost and alone know that you are not. We are one. You are a divine being and when you begin to trust yourself and build confidence, your whole world will change. View more meditations here.

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