A journey of remembering 

Hello fellow travelers,

Whether you’ve traveled with me before, or this is your very first Shamanic Tour, I want you to know you’ve been called by a higher knowing to join us.

When I was first told by spirit that I would travel for 7 years and lead groups around the world, I had no idea where we would be headed. 

I had already taken groups to Peru a few times, and had amazing experiences…but where I was to lead people each year I’d no clue. Then I heard, “Egypt 2020”!!! At least I had an endpoint. 

After doing a few local spiritual tours such as Joshua Tree for 12-12-12, Mount Shasta and Sedona, I ventured out to England.

There I lead a group through Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury & Cornwall. For many of us it was a coming home of sorts. Coming home to our hearts’ energy.

Greece was a wild ride, filled with fun and adventure in the birth home of Hippocrates. This journey felt as though it rooted us in the core of our being.

Beloved Peru continues to be the place I bring my guests to the most, as this connection to the land, Pachamama is my life’s work. A feeling of great love comes over me each time I return. Every guest I’ve taken leaves with a sense of wholeness, a sense of peace.

As I’ve said, I heard spirit ask me to bring a group to Egypt in 2020, but that did not happen. As we all know COVID-19 spread and travel stopped.  

I feel there was a reason for this. The world needed to stop. Mother Earth needed a break. During our time in our homes Pachamama had a chance to breathe and so did we. I lost my Shaman during this pandemic and many friends had loss as well. 

For me it has been a time of clarity. To clearly see people as they are and to create more connection and less separation.

So now we step back out and look inside. We take note of what is working in our lives and what is not. We feel into what is best for us and move forward.

I feel this is the perfect time to plan for Egypt.

So…..Egypt is back on the books!!!!

I invite you all to join me on this journey of remembering. Remembering why you’re here. What your purpose is on the planet and how you can best serve.

Answer the call and join us!

I already had a sold out trip but have opened up a few more spots for those wanting to come.

April 2nd through the 10th 2022

Original Price: 

Price if you pay in full by August 11th 2021

RT Flights to Cairo not included, inland flights are.

What you need to purchase:
Travel insurance 

Tips and single rooms not included.
Single supplement:

Extra night of coming a day early to acclimate (I will).
$180 for single
$100 for shared

Each morning we will gather to discuss what to tune into for the day.

Meditations…connection to the Sacred sites…Spiritual Attunements each day.

Evening discussions on the energy felt.

I will be available or for sessions while traveling.

Looking forward to this magical journey with you all ♥️
-Shaman Isabella

CLICK HERE for the itinerary and feel free to call with any questions.


Isabella Leigh Stoloff and Sharifah Hardie Interview


Isabella began her Shaman path in 2006 and since that time has been assisting my clients in creating a high vibrational life for themselves and their families. As an empath, I understand what it means to be sensitive to the energy around me. Using a variety of ancient healing techniques, I am able to help you let go of the past so you can learn to trust your intuition and follow your path. Chakra balancing, Soul retrieval along with spiritual mentoring are included in my healing work. I look forward to assisting you in growing spiritually.

“I humbly understand that spirit works through me to assist you in remembering your light. I find that assisting others in raising their vibration is key to the evolution of the planet. I am grateful for all of my experiences and enjoy teaching others to do the same. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational words we have.” ~Shaman Isabella


Detox the Spirit

Detox the Spirit

Join us for this online Zoom class. 5 – days for 20 mins a day we learn how to open and meditate in our 8th chakra. We will see what issues are still holding us back and what Chakra it is associated with. We will learn how to download and live in the Golden light and become an attractor for goodness in our lives.
Scholarships and discounts available.
Healing, shamanic journey, meditation and more.
Detox the Body

Detox the Body

Pre-recorded videos now for sale.
Discounts & Scholarships available.
Detox the Body is more than just a cleanse, it is a way of life. This online class is 5-days, 20-40 mins per day. Calls are recorded. If you cannot make it “Detox the Body” will be for sale after the classes are complete.
The choices we make regarding what we are feeding our thoughts, is the same as the choices we make about what we are feeding our body.
What is your relationship to food?
What is your relationship with your body?
How do you see yourself?
How do you want to see yourself?
By creating a healthy mind set, you create a healthy vibration.
When we feed our body beautiful energy, whether that be with food, or with vibrations, we begin to look and feel better inside and out.
I look forward to being your guide.
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Detox the Mind

Detox the Mind

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Join me in these 5 videos for deep healing, shamanic journey, journaling meditations and techniques to help you quiet your mind and create peace within.

Preparing for the detox – Light a candle – Palo santo sage or incense – essential oil – journal Find a comfortable quiet space, or put-on headphones.

20 mins of no distractions – Breathe Each day you will learn to clear your mind and heal your inner judge.

Each day we will learn to listen without judgements.

We will create space between the thoughts and breathe out what no longer serves us.

I look forward to being your guide.