Understanding memory imprints
A memory imprint not only lives in our mind but in our energy body/
vibration as well. It keeps us stuck in the past, going over the same thing
again and again It is trapped energy that needs to be removed so we can
move forward. Bringing awareness to it and reclaiming our power is key.
When you are triggered by something someone says or does, it is due to
the uncleared memory imprint that is in your vibration.
We know what it’s like to go over and over an issue in our mind. We replay
the past like a movie, rewinding to that one scene that created the trauma.
But did you know that this issue not only stays stuck in your mind, but in
your energy body as well?
This is why when someone does or says something that bothers you, you
respond emotionally. You may not even be aware that it is this childhood
issue/ wound or something that happened in the past and that is why you
are triggered.
Triggers can make us retreat or blame the other person before taking
responsibility for ourselves.
Once we are aware of our triggers and begin to heal our inner child by
clearing the memory imprint we will know how to respond in a more
balanced way.
Feelings of insecurity, hopelessness and fear will be replaced with
Happiness, security and self-worth.