 Our healing session begins with you telling me what's
happening in your life. My medicine bag contains stones.
These stones have worked through all my issues and now
countless clients as well. The mountains have been listening
to our stories since the beginning of time. They hold ancient
secrets. They are used now to heal yours.
 I have you pick a stone from the bag. When something you
are talking about feels sad or heavy, I say, “Blow the energy
of that into the stone”. Using my intuition, I am able to feel
what has happened to you and gently guide you to a place of
 When you are finished talking, I use the stone to clear your
story from the Chakras. As I listen to you discuss the
underlying problem, I begin tracking the root of the issue so I
can remove the energy behind it. I may ask you, “Where do
you feel you have lost the biggest part of yourself?”. I use
this information to see what part of your light needs to return
during the Soul Retrieval.
 Once you've finished sharing, I scan your body to find heavy,
stuck energies. Using a Vogul crystal I extract anxiety, fear,
negative emotions, and old stuck energy so you can feel
lighter and more connected to your purpose in life.

 Using my Vogul crystal, rattle and the stone you’ve blown
into,I begin working on your Chakra’s and energy body.
 There are wounded lifetimes that live within each of the
Chakras. To me these look like the groves of a record album
or the rings of a tree. I clear the affected Chakra and using
psychic surgery release heavy, stuck energy throughout your
Aura. I perform this chakra cleansing ritual to make space for
your Divine Light. Your true essence.

 I attune you to your highest spiritual path. Tgether we
release old Karmic loops, family patterns, or ancestral
wounds that you have been stuck in for lifetimes, even
 Then I look for the biggest part of you that is missing. Once
identified, I'll perform a shamanic soul retrieval to bring these
pieces of you back. You never actually lose your soul in its
entirety, but you can lose pieces of yourself, your light, or
energy during traumatic events. These pieces need to return
to you so you can live your life in peace and harmony. .
 Next, I check to see if there are energetic blockages from
past lives. Traumas can be connected to lives you’ve lived
before this one. In this case, I jump timelines and travel back
to the original incident to clear the energy. I return with the
missing piece, a gift and a spirit animal to help guide you
with your newfound energy.
 If it during the session it is not a past life it could be a
present-day soul retrieval that is needed. Together we travel
through the divine line back in time, back to the place where
your younger self is stuck. If it is too traumatic, of a situation
you do not need to travel with me. I can do it for you. I clear

the old energy from child that may be haunting you as an
adult. I bring back this missing piece of yourself so you can
nurture it and fall more in love with yourself every moment,
 You can then grow together, teaching yourself to trust your
intuition and see life through the eyes of a child. During this
healing you receive the Crystal Star-lite Rites. Your divine
rite to be on the planet at this time in the full expression of
who you are.
 Once the healing session is finished, I download golden light
from source and say a prayer for you to carry with you
throughout the day.
 After each session you feel lighter and more grounded. Your
mind will be clear, and you will be able to cope with life
better. You will begin to focus on the positive instead of the
negative and see your life from a bird’s eye view.