Understanding memory imprints

Understanding memory imprints
A memory imprint not only lives in our mind but in our energy body/
vibration as well. It keeps us stuck in the past, going over the same thing
again and again It is trapped energy that needs to be removed so we can
move forward. Bringing awareness to it and reclaiming our power is key.
When you are triggered by something someone says or does, it is due to
the uncleared memory imprint that is in your vibration.
We know what it’s like to go over and over an issue in our mind. We replay
the past like a movie, rewinding to that one scene that created the trauma.
But did you know that this issue not only stays stuck in your mind, but in
your energy body as well?
This is why when someone does or says something that bothers you, you
respond emotionally. You may not even be aware that it is this childhood
issue/ wound or something that happened in the past and that is why you
are triggered.
Triggers can make us retreat or blame the other person before taking
responsibility for ourselves.
Once we are aware of our triggers and begin to heal our inner child by
clearing the memory imprint we will know how to respond in a more
balanced way.
Feelings of insecurity, hopelessness and fear will be replaced with
Happiness, security and self-worth.

What does an Energy Healing at the Orange County Healing Center with Shaman Isabella look like?

 Our healing session begins with you telling me what's
happening in your life. My medicine bag contains stones.
These stones have worked through all my issues and now
countless clients as well. The mountains have been listening
to our stories since the beginning of time. They hold ancient
secrets. They are used now to heal yours.
 I have you pick a stone from the bag. When something you
are talking about feels sad or heavy, I say, “Blow the energy
of that into the stone”. Using my intuition, I am able to feel
what has happened to you and gently guide you to a place of
 When you are finished talking, I use the stone to clear your
story from the Chakras. As I listen to you discuss the
underlying problem, I begin tracking the root of the issue so I
can remove the energy behind it. I may ask you, “Where do
you feel you have lost the biggest part of yourself?”. I use
this information to see what part of your light needs to return
during the Soul Retrieval.
 Once you've finished sharing, I scan your body to find heavy,
stuck energies. Using a Vogul crystal I extract anxiety, fear,
negative emotions, and old stuck energy so you can feel
lighter and more connected to your purpose in life.

 Using my Vogul crystal, rattle and the stone you’ve blown
into,I begin working on your Chakra’s and energy body.
 There are wounded lifetimes that live within each of the
Chakras. To me these look like the groves of a record album
or the rings of a tree. I clear the affected Chakra and using
psychic surgery release heavy, stuck energy throughout your
Aura. I perform this chakra cleansing ritual to make space for
your Divine Light. Your true essence.

 I attune you to your highest spiritual path. Tgether we
release old Karmic loops, family patterns, or ancestral
wounds that you have been stuck in for lifetimes, even
 Then I look for the biggest part of you that is missing. Once
identified, I'll perform a shamanic soul retrieval to bring these
pieces of you back. You never actually lose your soul in its
entirety, but you can lose pieces of yourself, your light, or
energy during traumatic events. These pieces need to return
to you so you can live your life in peace and harmony. .
 Next, I check to see if there are energetic blockages from
past lives. Traumas can be connected to lives you’ve lived
before this one. In this case, I jump timelines and travel back
to the original incident to clear the energy. I return with the
missing piece, a gift and a spirit animal to help guide you
with your newfound energy.
 If it during the session it is not a past life it could be a
present-day soul retrieval that is needed. Together we travel
through the divine line back in time, back to the place where
your younger self is stuck. If it is too traumatic, of a situation
you do not need to travel with me. I can do it for you. I clear

the old energy from child that may be haunting you as an
adult. I bring back this missing piece of yourself so you can
nurture it and fall more in love with yourself every moment,
 You can then grow together, teaching yourself to trust your
intuition and see life through the eyes of a child. During this
healing you receive the Crystal Star-lite Rites. Your divine
rite to be on the planet at this time in the full expression of
who you are.
 Once the healing session is finished, I download golden light
from source and say a prayer for you to carry with you
throughout the day.
 After each session you feel lighter and more grounded. Your
mind will be clear, and you will be able to cope with life
better. You will begin to focus on the positive instead of the
negative and see your life from a bird’s eye view.

Mystic Mag Interview

Mystic Mag Interview

How did Isabella become Shaman Isabella?

I feel I have been training for Shamanism my entire life, although I did not know it until I was almost 50.

When I was very young, I never really felt connected, I always felt I was on the outside looking in. I could feel others’ pain and took on the responsibility of their feelings. I did not know this meant I was an empath.

Having been raped twice, and falling into drug addiction, I met and married a man 20 years my senior. He was abusive, and I was very young so I stayed. We had two beautiful children together and he died from colon cancer when I was 26.

His death was the beginning of my awakening. After losing custody of my children due to my addiction and ending up in prison, I found myself pregnant again with my now 30-year-old daughter. I remember thinking, “What if this baby could change my life?” And she did.

Using Louise Hay books, and a 12-step program, I began to practice positive thought and meditation. I went back to school and ended up with a master’s degree. This is when I discovered Shamanism.

My mother had been in a home for over a year with memory loss; It was 2006. I had an over the phone Shaman energy healing with Marcella Lobos in Chile. I wasn’t even sure I believed in over the phone healings. But I did believe in energy, and I was desperate.

With the first healing I received a soul retrieval and released an old contract between my mother and I. She passed peacefully within a month. That same year I had a liver biopsy which almost killed me. My husband had died bleeding through his liver, and I knew it was time to heal that relationship. I knew when he died, a part of him had stayed with me.

Somehow my husband was connected to my energy field, and I thought I would never be able to get rid of him. But I had another healing around my husband. Marcella was able to remove him from my vibration. I cannot explain to you the relief I have felt since that day.

So, because of these 2 incredible healings, I began my training with the Four Winds Society and Dr. Alberto Vilollodo. While taking classes, I had no intention of becoming a Shaman. I was only attending the workshops for my own personal growth, and because the healings I received had intrigued and fascinated me.

After a trip to the Amazon Jungle in 2009 I saw that I had a gift and came back and turned my home into the Orange County Healing Center!

Since that time, I have assisted countless clients in overcoming obstacles and releasing old energy that no longer serves them.

How do you proceed with your clients?

Most sessions, whether in person or over the phone, start by the client telling me what is happening in their life. I then track the presenting issue back to a place where they may have had trauma or a feeling that didn’t sit right in their soul.

This can be from a past life or present day. We then uncover pieces of themselves that may be hiding or stuck. After tracking, I use techniques that unwind, and release the old negative imprints, while restoring their light. I clear out the negative energy from the Chakra body. Using a crystal, I am able to help the client let go of what no longer serves them.

I also have a technique for letting go of Ancestorial patterns and can help those who have passed on – much like my healer did for me when releasing my husband.

One of my favorite things to do is to empower my clients to see the whole picture, the life lessons, and know that we choose our parents and experiences. By taking a bird’s eye view and forgiving our pasts, we are able to move forward and live the life we came here to live.

Would you describe reading the cards as a preferred modality for you, and do you use the cards as a healing process?

Spirit told me I had a deck of cards in me and so for years I worked on creating them. My youngest daughter designed the graphics and box art, while I channeled the quotes and wrote the booklet. Hence the Good Vibes positive affirmation deck was born.

I use them on occasion with clients, but mostly created the deck of cards for my clients to take home as homework. They are a wonderful way to start your day in meditation or to help one with a problem. Many clients take a deck to work with them so they can pull a card to help them see a situation more clearly or have a positive mantra for the day. I sold out so quickly in 2016, I had them made in Spanish as well. They are filled with healing and love.

How can we consciously choose for future imprints not to occur?
This is a great question!

Forgiveness is key. Once we take responsibility for our life, no matter what has happened, we can avoid getting triggered and recreating our trauma.

The mind is powerful. The thing is we have not learned how to use our minds to create our lives, we have learned only to use it against ourselves. I always say, “Why are we using our magic against ourselves?”

By listening to our inner voice and seeing where we are being negative, we can redirect our minds in a more positive manner. By doing this we teach ourselves how to use our magic for our benefit. I find the Good Vibes deck is a wonderful tool for doing just this. Remember, “Your words are spells, your thoughts are things”.

By healing ourselves and shifting stuck patterns, are we mapping out a smoother road for our children, present and future?

Absolutely! Every healing goes 7 generations up, and 7 generations down. Also, each time you shift your vibration, you are making the world a better place. Our vibes can affect so many things. Here is a wonderful quote I received while on plant medicine years ago.

“You are but one vibratory note in the universe. What frequency do you wish to vibrate at?”

What are your thoughts on positive visualization techniques and meditation?

I highly recommend using positive thought and visualization. Did you know it is easier to create a negative thought than it is a positive one? Once you understand how to work with your mind, you can use meditation and positive thought to get you through the most difficult of challenges. My website is filled with videos, articles, podcasts, and meditations along with courses to assist you in your spiritual growth.

What has been your most memorable experience as a Shaman?

I have had so many – with the groups I have taken on tours to sacred sites around the world, or watching my clients grow spiritually, many who have been with me for 13 years, to my students who now have their own practices – that it is difficult to choose.

I would say the Christian woman who came to me after just one session and said, “I am a very religious person, but this session with you has made my God even bigger”.

For me it is seeing how, no matter what your religious upbring or faith is, Shamanism can work. Releasing judgment, and becoming open to the God, or the light within is what really matters. Knowing what a powerful being you are, and how you can recreate your life is what I feel we all came here for. I say, “If I can make it, anyone can”.

Here is a more paranormal story that happened as I began stepping into becoming a Shaman energy healer.

I had gone to a local spiritual center, as they wanted me to teach classes. I could feel there were many spirits in the building and so I told them if I could cleanse the property then I would be able to teach there. Sometimes, for me, the spirits or the energy is like static (or noisy) and so it is harder for me to concentrate. Once I clear the person or the space, I can feel the energy that needs to be cleared easier.

They told me I could, but I got so busy that I hadn’t made it back to the center in a few weeks.

I had recently moved into my 100-year-old home in Fullerton and some friends were staying for the weekend. Out of nowhere the room they were sleeping in smelled like cat urine. It was so bad I thought maybe something had died. We could not figure out where the smell was coming from. It was terrible.

One evening, we were having a party, and it came to me. I had opened a portal from the center to my home and the spirits were waiting for me to clear them. I began to do my ritual and gave death rites and chakra clearing to those who had passed on. When I was finished the smell was gone. We were all amazed, as I had just started my practice and had not encountered this before.

Since that time, I have been able to help other homes and close unwanted portals. It is interesting work to say the least.

Are there any simple daily rituals you can recommend to our readers?

Upon waking in the morning tell yourself, “Today is going to be a wonderful day. I love who I am becoming and am ready to see the magic (or the beauty) life has to offer. I am open to the wonders of the Universe.

  • Light a candle or some incense and walk around your home, blessing every corner.
  • Humming is a great way to get back into your body and feel your vibration.
  • If you can, take off your shoes and put your feet in the grass or your back against a tree.
  • Make a gratitude list every day, and in the evening before bed, thank yourself for a beautiful day.

About the Author

Sarah Kirton

Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.

Talk Therapy and Energy Healing

Talk Therapy and Energy Healing

Although those in need of counseling date back to ancient Greece (or further), it wasn’t until the 1950’s that psychotherapy became popular and accepted. It allowed people to find relief from their mental anguish. Those in need of help would sit in an office or lie on a couch while the therapist took notes and asked thought-provoking questions.

My first experience with this type of traditional therapy was in 1972. I was 12. I sat in front of a man behind a huge wooden desk while he wrote on a pad of paper. I remember thinking, “I’m not crazy.” Rebellious, yes, sick of being told what to do and how to act sure, but definitely not crazy.

There has always been a societal stigma against seeking help from a counselor or therapist. I had it in my 12-year-old mind that I must be nuts if I went to see a psychologist. Through my parents’ eyes, I was acting nuts, but in my mind, I was trying to survive.

From 1986-2005, I experienced many different modalities of therapy, seeking relief from the trauma I had experienced.

Learn more about my life story. Watch an interview I did with AOP Podcast

I tried Self-Help programs, Counselors, Inner child work, Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Drama Therapy, Reiki, and more.

Every therapist I went to see helped me uncover a bit more of myself and helped me come to understand my life better, but… I never truly felt different. I still struggled with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.

That is until 2006.

In 2006, I became introduced to Shaman energy healing, and my whole life changed.

For the first time in my life, the heavy energy I had carried with me lifted. It’s hard to describe, but each time I had a healing, my spirit lightened. The first Soul Retrieval I received allowed me a newfound confidence. It was as if the fog in my brain lifted, and I could see myself for the first time.

I could see how I was still giving my power away. I became more in touch with myself and could feel when my boundaries were being crossed. I instinctively knew how to speak up for myself like never before. There was an energy inside of me that was growing, and I could viscerally feel it. After just two Shaman energy healings, I became inspired to learn more. So, I began studying with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.

My healer was a woman in Chile named Marcela Lobos. She had taken classes with Dr. Vilolldo and encouraged me to go on their next Sacred journey to Peru. While there, I connected deeply with Mother Earth, Pachamama and could hear the mountains whispering in the winds. I saw my past in a whole new light and began to forgive those who had hurt me. I was awake and listening with new ears connecting with the animal kingdom to the calling of the earth. It was incredible. My Soul was finally healing. It was crazy how much I began to change. It took three years of study, growth, and experiences in the Andes and Amazon jungle before I was truly in touch with myself, but it happened.

Through my spiritual awakening, I began to evolve. I trusted myself more, and my intuition grew. I was finally able to control the negative inner voice that had dominated my decision-making for so long. I was able to speak up for myself more, and I stopped worrying about what others thought of me.

Slowly my practice evolved, and I opened my home as the Orange County Healing Center in 2009 and began leading people on Spiritual journeys to Peru and other sacred sites around the world. Many of these places connect to the 7 Chakras of the planet.

“I love assisting my clients in their spiritual growth and still recommend other types of talk therapy.”

There are many different modalities of healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Traditional therapies can include Psychotherapy, Regression Therapy, Art Therapy, and Counseling. In contrast, a more holistic approach could be Energy Psychology (EP), Mindfulness, Reiki, and Shamanism. It is essential to research and identify which best suits your personality. My feeling is if one could do therapy in conjunction with energy medicine, that person would grow leaps and bounds in a short time.

Anyone seeking enlightenment or to improve their emotional wellbeing must be willing to face their fears and change the dark narratives that define their lives. If you find yourself saying, “That’s just how I am” or “I can never change,” I am telling you it is possible to explore a new narrative.

By creating a practice using rituals and metaphors for your life, you will be able to let go and breathe. I invite you to create an opening, a window, a door, anything allowing you to explore different ways of being and weave a new tapestry for your life. See your life from a bird’s eye view and ground into who you truly are.

If you feel you are ready to embark upon a new way of being, I highly recommend seeking out a trained professional you think and feel you can trust. An energy medicine practitioner, a therapist (or both) will provide you with tools to assist in releasing what no longer serves you.

The Shaman’s path is for those willing to face their fears and walk in their truth. We must be willing to dig deep and trust like never before.

~Shaman Isabella
Sept. 2021

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