There are many different ways to meditate. Sitting still is not always the answer for everyone all the time. Any chance you get to unload your mind do it. You can watch your thoughts as you walk down the street or as you are gardening. Expressive movement & dance are great ways as well. I find myself meditating when washing the dishes or writing. Try not to get hung up on the “HOW” or the “RIGHT” way of meditating and praying. Just do it. You will see and fell noticeable results!
Meditation on the Water
Try this now….sit back…relax. Take in a breath and let go. Sink into your chair….and let every muscle relax…just let it all go…..
Close your eyes and take another breath….
Feel the lightness in your body as your release your mind.
Send loving vibrations throughout your system. Remember the happiest moment in your life….see it now….Think of warm golden liquid… life force energy from the sun permeating every fiber of your being as it pours in through the top of your head and fills your body from head to toe. Clear your thought for a few moments…..
Imagine yourself living the life you want. Ask your guides, angels, creator, God, whatever you believe in to support you during this time of transition. Trust the Universe is here to support you at all times….feel the love and support from the unseen….this is truth…this is pure love….take this into your day today and everyday…..Munay!

Turn off the TV and turn onto life…now is the time….
Change your thinking, Change your life!