Once I stepped onto my Shaman’s path in 2006 I knew I had to finally let go of the story of victimization that rang like a loud bell throughout my life. It took me until 2009 to really “get it” and now I know who I am and trust what I feel. As women we have to see the truth about ourselves and then be willing to throw what no longer serves us into the fire, and burn away all the old negative belief systems. Then and only then can we move forward and truly trust ourselves. I personally found so much release when I realized in the center of my being that I had chosen my parents as well as all the challenges I had gone through in my lifetime. Once I fully grasped the concept I began to systematically look over my life and let go of all of the stories that held me back and created separation. I began to write about my issues and burn them. During one of my many trips to Peru I found that fire was transformational, and sure enough the more I wrote and burned the less I was triggered. I looked over all the times I had given my power away to other people, place and things. I made peace in my soul for all the wrong I had done or had been done to me. It wasn’t easy at first, so I created techniques to use that allowed my mind freedom from the negativity and I began teaching others to do the same. The more I practiced, the better I became at shifting my consciousness. I truly believe when we learn how to shift our perceptions our life changes. It is time for us as women to take responsibly for our creations and know our souls so well that we understand what we are doing and why. Take ownership and allow the beauty of honesty, compassion and understanding into our lives. There is magic in being vulnerable, and trusting our inner guidance. When we do this we are able to make lasting friendships, ones where we can speak our truth with no fear of being judged. I have run on both sides of the tracks but I have to say being honest and open works much better for me. When I said no more to gossip and little white lies my whole world opened up. Once I set the intention to have loving women in my life, they appeared and the old ones faded away, a distant memory of who I once allowed myself to be. Remember there are no victims only volunteers. Who are you volunteering to be? Stop talking about your friends behind their backs in the guise of helping or caring. If you have something to say, do it to their face. They will appreciate it much more and you will feel better about yourself. Today I speak to my friends with an open heart. I say right away when something bothers me and I trust them to do the same. As we step into this new divine honest feminine flow and create lasting relationships it is important to be impeccable with our words. I teach my clients their words are spells and their thoughts are things. I encourage them to love themselves by being the kind of human that can walk with their head held high. This is how to manifest and have the life you desire. By being the best you can be. Shifting your consciousness is easy once you figure out that it all comes from within. If every woman in the world went to their mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends and said, “I love you no matter what”, and asked for forgiveness and forgave them as well, the healing would begin. If every one of us could see ourselves in the other’s eyes and become a mirror, this world would change, and mother earth would smile on her children once again. I dedicate this article to all the women I have hurt and to all those who have hurt me. But mostly I give this piece to those women who have been there for me no matter what. You all know who you are and I love you. Shaman Isabella Stoloff Isabella provides private shaman training, one-on-one healings, house clearings & blessings, weddings & sacred journeys. Her next journey to Cusco, Peru is 2014. Isabella assists her clients in releasing all that no longer serves them, so they can ignite the light within. She founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009, is a graduate of Healing the Light Body & has a Master of Fine Arts in Performance.

As seen in Awareness Magazine