This momentum tunnel I created in this blog has swept me away. I find that everyday up to this point has been so full I cannot even find the time to keep up with it. This just goes to show that once you have created energy behind a thought you can get carried away. It has been a whirlwind of a week. Last night we finished the Radiance Now magazine for the Temple of Light in Lake Forest. My daughter’s ability to focus and create spectacular Ads for people is truly incredible. Watching her work on the magazine layout and create magic was an inspiration. Everyone involved with the magazine put forth so much effort and love it was a joy to see. I looked at my daughter work tirelessly on this project with a sense of pride. As some of you know my past could have taken me out; literally. It almost did. Instead I used my past as a tool to help myself, and others. I learned, and keep learning from my mistakes. I now choose to see those mistakes as life lessons. Life lessons do not have to destroy you. Instead allow them to make you stronger. Do not beat yourself up and allow negative thinking to control you. Take each moment to applaud yourself for all that you are. Overcome these challenges and move forward. Last week I started a 6-week teleconference series called “Manifesting from your Core”. This class is turning out to be very advanced work. Digging deep into how we think about ourselves and others and giving tangible tools to clear ourselves. Every week I am surprised at the things I say. Then again I know I was guided to create this blog and the conference so I should never be surprised, only grateful. I stay in gratitude, humbled by this experience I am having on the planet at this time. I have manifested an amazing life for myself. One free from worry or negative thinking. When I catch myself now, I loving redirect my thoughts and shift my perception around the situation. Today, catch yourself when you are in judgment, and jump on the back of an Eagle and fly!