The New moon is a wonderful time to planet new seeds and begin new projects. It is here to support us in manifesting. Following the moon cycles is an ancient technique that I have found works much better the follow the clock. Just as I wrote this line a good friend of mine, Peter Sterling called to inform me that the angels instructed him to call me and tell me this was a very special day for me. I knew this, and hearing it confirmed what I have been feeling all of last month. My complete trust in the angelic realm and the guides and spiritual assistance we have at this time on the planet is more than real. I can feel energetic downloads vibrating through my system more often than not. It is like a consent buzz. As if am always connected to my energetic field. There is no space in my head for anything negative. Even my weight, which I have been struggling with since last year, seems to longer bother me. What makes this New moon so powerful is the solar eclipse that is here at the same time. Today tune into your higher self. Feel the energetic transmissions. Create a plan form yourself and plant new seeds. Remember you can have whatever you want so dream big!