For those of you following my blog, here are the results of yesterday’s phone call from the Angels. Remember I told you Peter Sterling had called to say the Angels asked him to call me and tell me it was a very special day for me? I had already felt it as it was the New moon and solar eclipse? Well it was more than that, way more. I received a phone call later that afternoon from a woman in Monterey, CA who has land with a medicine wheel, yurt and 2 beautiful ponds. She has been there for over 30 years. This woman said she was directed to call me to come and teach on her land. I cannot explain how I felt and next week I will be driving up to see her magical property. I am as excited as a kid thinking about this next venture. The rest of the evening I created dream boards with a friend and wrote a list of seeds and projects I wanted to accomplish. We then had a fire to burn the writings and watch them transform. It was a magical night. As for the land, keep an eye open for the weekend retreat I am planning August 13th for the full moon. I will have new information from the mountain in Maine that I am visiting the end of July Mt. Katahdin is this spiritual mountains name. For over a year I have been dreaming about a piece of land where my students can come and sit in ceremony with me and learn more about who they are and how they see themselves in this ever changing world. I feel honored and blessed that I can be a beacon of light that people like this women with her beautiful land feels called to have me bring groups to her. I stand in this divine momentum of life and ask you all to join me. On this beautiful Saturday of July 2nd 2011 call upon the light, your Gods and Goddesses, your Angels and spirit guides tell them your secrets, your hearts desires. Release old fears and judgments and see your perfection. Send love out of your hearts and feel it return to you now.