I feel my gift is to inspire others. To give them the space they need to find their passion. What is your gift? What do you love to do? Remember when you were a kid and the world felt wide open, as if you could do anything you wanted? Your imaginations swept you away to foreign lands, and you were able to create palaces out of sheets? Tap into the child within you, and find your gifts. Ask that magical part of yourself, what does it want to do? You may be surprised by the answer. It could be a write a novel, or just take short walk around the block, paint, take a trip to the craft store, or a hot bubbles bath. Whatever your inner voice tells you, listen. It is when we listen to our inner wisdom, and do what it suggests that we find our passion, our gifts. The more we listen, the more we grow. Today find the momentum in your inner voice, the little part of yourself that gets pushed away with the everyday chores of life. As you celebrate this day of Independence find your own Independence, listen and grow.