Even when I take a day I find myself thinking creative thoughts. It has become a game for me. When I find myself with a moment to spare I fill my head with a visual of something I am trying to accomplish. In the last year finishing my book has become a challenge. Every time I think about it I feel overwhelmed, although I know it is time for the story to be told. My wish is that while I teach you how to stay motivated, I motivate myself. Knowing that you are projecting good vibes my way just as I am for you, I feel my book will pick up steam. I have always seen the finished book jacket, the title, me speaking in front of many people about my story. Teaching that transformation is possible. What I have yet to visualize is me sitting in front of the computer and completing it. So today I make a public pact to write every day. Just as I write this blog I will carve out time to sit and clean up and finish what I have already written. My wish for myself is to manifest this book by the end of the summer so it will be in print and for sale at this year’s Alchemy conference where I will be leading a group Healing through Movement workshop on the performance stage. With that said, I hold you all in the light of completing your projects and finding the momentum you need to succeed. Sit in a comfortable position and feel the red earth energy filling your lower half, at the same time bring down a lovely purple color throughout the top half of you, connecting you to the earth and sky. Now, mix the red and purple all around your body, all over your energy field. Whatever color you create is perfect. Imagine this beautiful color feeding your spirit, your soul, giving you momentum to go out and finish your projects with ease and grace. Today practice ease and grace in all that you do.