This morning I found myself clearing and organizing my computer files to get ready to write. Then I began procrastinating by cleaning and doing laundry. Then I remembered my commitment to you all and so I began to dance. I danced wildly around the living room until I felt like writing. When I finish with this blog I am spending father’s day in honor of my father, Victor Stoloff-writer-producer-director 1913-2009. Today to find your momentum, get up and dance! If you are confined in some way then just move your arms or head. Find the flow in your movement. Imagine the energy building in your belly and shooting out of your spin. Dance the fears away. Let go of the past and move forward. By creating movement you will build momentum. Once you feel this momentum start to see how you want your life to look. Feel it now. Plant seeds to a new you. Once upon a time we were hunters and gatherers who walked for days to find food. Now we sit in our cars and drive through places that feed us poison. Food that has no nutritional value what-so-ever. This so called comfort food is slowly destroying us as a nation as well as globally. Our consumerism poison can now be found all over the world. Find something you are passionate about and move that passion into your body. Create something new from your passionate center. Movement is a great way of doing this. During our 21 days together I will teach you ways to clear your field and create a new energy body, inside and out. Start with meditation, then movement, and food, fire ceremony, and salt baking soda baths. Create a community. Treat your body like a temple, and get up and dance!