Calling All Women

Calling All Women

Dear Women, we have been asleep for too long. We have allowed our power to be stripped away and we have given- till we can give no more. Many have come before us and fought for our right to vote, to speak and to be heard. But there is still more to be done. We cannot lie down now. We are in a time of revolution and expansion. As the caregivers we will be the ones to birth a new generation, a generation of balanced, thoughtful children, children who will trust themselves, and listen to their intuition. Those children will stand up for their rights as humans, their right for clean water, clean air, and clean food. But it has to start with us. The women.

I write this letter to all who will listen, those of you who have been awake for some time, and those of you still asleep. For those of you who have found your voice, and those of you still seeking a way out of the lives you have created for yourselves.

First become totally honest with yourself, and those around you. Stop hiding. Stop lying. Start to speak your truth and trust the truth you speak. Learn how to listen to your intuition by hearing your inner voice. Once you clear the clutter of your mind you can hear your truth and start to see the signs of synchronicity all around you. This is why meditation is so important, for it is only when we clear our minds that our higher selves can be heard.

Mediation can be done in a variety of ways. It does not have to be traditional, as that does not work for everyone. Explore different ways of quieting your mind and releasing the judgments. Start by listening to your thoughts. Hear yourself, listen to what you are thinking, and if you do not like what you hear change the thought; simple as that. Once you gain control of your mind, your intuition will deepen. As women one of our biggest attributes is our intuition. Allow this to be your guide and teach your children to do the same. Ask yourself, “How do I feel about this?” Your feelings will never lie to you.

We are in a great time of awakening on the planet, of learning how to balance the masculine and feminine within. I believe by doing this we are helping Mother Earth to balance her energies as well. Expand your consciousness and live outside the box.

This year of the horse has been the fastest year yet. I have faced some of my biggest challenges, and come out a strong person for it. The year started out a bit rocky as you can tell by my early YouTube videos from the beginning of 2014. But by March I was up and running and I have been busier and happier than I have ever been in my life. I have trusted my intuition more and more, and learned how to follow energy. I look for the synchronicity life brings me every day and I stay grateful.

I recently traveled to Bulgaria and England to do earth healings and ceremony. One of my teachers Marcella Lobos gifted a group of women with the Womb Keeper Rites in Joshua Tree right before my journey, and at each ceremony I held after, I installed them for women as they were gifted to me. The rite of the womb allows women to release pain and suffering and embrace the truth of who they really are, life giving creatures, abundant and beautiful.

As women we have so much to offer. It all begins with us.

Be kind, compassionate, and nurturing with yourself, just as you would another. Face yourself and love what you see. Find the jewel in your soul and let it shine. Then raise a generation of intuitive humans, humans that love in order to make the world a better place.

With much Gratitude & Light
Shaman Isabella

Published in Awareness Magazine 2014/15

Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light

So many of us are looking for ways to simplify our lives and live from an authentic place. We are seeking ways to connect in a more spiritual way with ourselves and others. But for many this can be challenging. We either don’t understand what it means to be spiritual or to have lost faith.

Light Glowing from Hand

So what does “being more spiritual” really mean? For me it means becoming more in tune with nature and the cycles of the earth, and becoming more conscious in my day-to-day life. It means remembering what it is like to be part of a tribe, a community, and becoming more indigenous. As I stated in my 2012 article, “It is time to return to our roots and create the new indigenous tribes.” For the past 5 years I have been weaving a new life for myself, a life that feels connected and conscious. Coming from where I came from this was not easy.

For the first 31 years of my life I lived in such an unconscious place, I thought that I was doomed. I worked hard at fitting in, trying to be one of the crowd, when all along I felt like a misfit. At that time I didn’t know I was actually a spiritual being looking for ways to connect. I believe this is what is happening with many people today.

Many are looking for ways to connect in an authentic way, yet have no idea how. Becoming more connected can show up in a variety of ways. Looking into the cashier’s eyes when buying groceries or paying for gas, or just saying hello and asking how they are. Another way is to do something kind for a stranger. My mother would always find ways to plant trees and give blankets to the homeless. There are so many ways to become more spiritually connected and live from an authentic place. One way to tune into your spiritual nature is by becoming more aware of not only your thoughts and words but also of what you eat. I used to be a junk-food junkie but in the past 20 years I have worked toward eating healthier foods. Since I cut out foods with chemicals I have found that I have more energy. Recently I started a green cleanse and am amazed at how much more intuitive I am. I have always been very tuned in with my clients but since this green cleanse, my intuition is off the charts. I can really feel the difference in my energy body. What we ingest is vital. Somewhere in our DNA structure there are indigenous cells. These cells are used to healthy foods, foods straight from the land.

Once we clear and clean these cells we can become more dialed in. It is this cellular memory that will assist us in awakening. Once awake our perceptions shift easily and there is no longer a need to stay attached to old ideas. We will begin to look at life with more compassion and understanding, creating more spirituality and authenticity in our daily lives. If you are one who is seeking to become more spiritually evolved, then look deep within. Find out who you are and how you tick. Change things that keep you from living your truth. Trust that you are a divine being with a mission and don’t let others dictate how you should live your life. Trust in your ability to connect and create. From this place you will be able to manifest a rich reality, one where you can feel whole, connected and at peace. It is important to keep a positive outlook on life and journal your progress. See where you are still negative or down on yourself and be kind. Go slowly through this process so you can learn to love and honor yourself. One of our many gifts as humans is the ability to create. We have this beautiful mind from which ideas take root and form. Use your mind and free yourself from old ways of thinking. Blossom and grow into the beautiful being you came here to be. When we become grateful for ourselves, and how we are showing up in the world, things begin to change. It is time to take root in the earth and shine our light for the world to see.

“Transforming my life has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I look forward to assisting you in connecting with your soul at the deepest level.” Isabella founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009, and speaks all over the world. She is a visionary, and after her sessions, she will leave you feeling clear, creative and connected. Isabella provides house clearings, one-on-one sessions, private Shaman training and spiritual journeys.

Published in Awareness Magazine June/July 2014

Question Everything

Question Everything

Woman at the RiverIf we begin to question instead of standing by, we may start to create the world in which we want to live. I recently questioned the smart meter’s that were put on our homes with no warning as to what the effects may be. So I called to cancel mine and was told I would have to pay $75 to have it removed and $10 more a month. So I have to pay to be healthy. This is the way it seems to be here in the States. Organic non-GMO foods cost more….health products, of any kind, even though they grow in nature cost more. We must take it upon ourselves to make the rules. Go off the grid as much as possible. Soon I will install grey water here to water the trees. Next I will look into solar energy. Do your part every day, and QUESTION EVERYTHING!



Once I stepped onto my Shaman’s path in 2006 I knew I had to finally let go of the story of victimization that rang like a loud bell throughout my life. It took me until 2009 to really “get it” and now I know who I am and trust what I feel. As women we have to see the truth about ourselves and then be willing to throw what no longer serves us into the fire, and burn away all the old negative belief systems. Then and only then can we move forward and truly trust ourselves. I personally found so much release when I realized in the center of my being that I had chosen my parents as well as all the challenges I had gone through in my lifetime. Once I fully grasped the concept I began to systematically look over my life and let go of all of the stories that held me back and created separation. I began to write about my issues and burn them. During one of my many trips to Peru I found that fire was transformational, and sure enough the more I wrote and burned the less I was triggered. I looked over all the times I had given my power away to other people, place and things. I made peace in my soul for all the wrong I had done or had been done to me. It wasn’t easy at first, so I created techniques to use that allowed my mind freedom from the negativity and I began teaching others to do the same. The more I practiced, the better I became at shifting my consciousness. I truly believe when we learn how to shift our perceptions our life changes. It is time for us as women to take responsibly for our creations and know our souls so well that we understand what we are doing and why. Take ownership and allow the beauty of honesty, compassion and understanding into our lives. There is magic in being vulnerable, and trusting our inner guidance. When we do this we are able to make lasting friendships, ones where we can speak our truth with no fear of being judged. I have run on both sides of the tracks but I have to say being honest and open works much better for me. When I said no more to gossip and little white lies my whole world opened up. Once I set the intention to have loving women in my life, they appeared and the old ones faded away, a distant memory of who I once allowed myself to be. Remember there are no victims only volunteers. Who are you volunteering to be? Stop talking about your friends behind their backs in the guise of helping or caring. If you have something to say, do it to their face. They will appreciate it much more and you will feel better about yourself. Today I speak to my friends with an open heart. I say right away when something bothers me and I trust them to do the same. As we step into this new divine honest feminine flow and create lasting relationships it is important to be impeccable with our words. I teach my clients their words are spells and their thoughts are things. I encourage them to love themselves by being the kind of human that can walk with their head held high. This is how to manifest and have the life you desire. By being the best you can be. Shifting your consciousness is easy once you figure out that it all comes from within. If every woman in the world went to their mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends and said, “I love you no matter what”, and asked for forgiveness and forgave them as well, the healing would begin. If every one of us could see ourselves in the other’s eyes and become a mirror, this world would change, and mother earth would smile on her children once again. I dedicate this article to all the women I have hurt and to all those who have hurt me. But mostly I give this piece to those women who have been there for me no matter what. You all know who you are and I love you. Shaman Isabella Stoloff Isabella provides private shaman training, one-on-one healings, house clearings & blessings, weddings & sacred journeys. Her next journey to Cusco, Peru is 2014. Isabella assists her clients in releasing all that no longer serves them, so they can ignite the light within. She founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009, is a graduate of Healing the Light Body & has a Master of Fine Arts in Performance.

As seen in Awareness Magazine

Signs of Ascension

Signs of Ascension

You will notice you are ascending when you no longer complain about your life. When you stop friends from gossiping or notice that old friends are either changing right alongside you or falling away.

Woman in Water“How can I tell all the healing work I have done is working?”

When you look in the mirror do you still find fault with yourself or do you smile and love your body just the way it is. Have you changed the way you speak about yourself? Are you living in fear or feeling victimized? Have you finally realized that each moment is a gift? Do you dance through the house doing the mundane day to day chores feeling joy in every fiber of your being?

What do you think when you look at the bills or your bank account?

Do you stress over things you cannot change?

Here’s a little secret. No matter how much money you have YOU ARE ALIVE and tomorrow is another day.

Live the way you would if you had all the money in the world.

Clear the closets clear the clutter and live with what you truly need to be HAPPY. Make a list of what you REALLY need. Then put everything else on craigslist. Make money out of the storage unit you pay on every month.

Once you clear this clutter, the clutter of your mind will follow suit.

When your mind is FREE you will have the ability to create…create…CREATE!

Once you begin to create, magic will happen. You will remember who you are and why you are here.

Until the next time my friends….BE the LIGHT you wish to SEE in the WORLD!!!