Testimonials for the services of Shaman Isabella Stoloff

“I first went to see Isabella to help with some fertility issues. I had suffered from three consecutive miscarriages yet the doctors could not find anything physically wrong with me. I knew there was something going on at a deeper level. I decided to see if Isabella could help. After our first session I was very impressed and continued seeing her. About 4 months later I was pregnant and I am expecting the arrival of our healthy baby boy in just a few weeks! In addition to my fertility issues Isabella was able to help with a wide range of other issues and traumatic experiences I had faced during my childhood. I enjoyed our sessions together and looked forward to growing as an individual. It’s hard to explain but in all honesty my life is better since working together.

Isabella is a great coach in so many ways. She is honest, supportive and caring yet does not have a large ego like other spiritual teachers I have worked with. I am very pleased with Isabella’s work and highly recommend her!”

— Anonymous

“I live in the Shenandoah Valley and was blessed to find your Good Vibe cards in our local shop. I LOVE them!!! Thank you for manifesting them into this world. I use them daily to help me manifest my next book, a business parable for women. It’s entitled The Labyrinth Influence A Woman’s Journey Circling to Her Center. I also have a workshop I am developing called The Art of Circling to Your Center. My work centers around energy, frequency and vibration and your sweet cards give me an extra boost of positive energy!!!”

— PJ

“Isabella is more than a shaman. She is a mentor. She is a guide. She is a friend. Since meeting Bella for the first time, my life has transformed in unimaginable ways. She lifts the spirit, invigorates the soul, and purifies the heart. Her magic can cleanse any energy field with light and love, bringing peace and calm to the spirit. This amazing woman anchors her clients and offers direction with blessings of wisdom and insight, while listening to every thought and feeling without judgement. I guess you could say Isabella is a therapist of sorts but with the capacity of healing energy fields and auras, through the past and present, removing old wounds and recharging each and every path. I thank my angels for Bella. She is a beautiful blessing in my life and in all the hearts who know her and her transformational work. Our Shaman is an inspiration to live in positive vibration and love, empowering all to claim their energy, light, and power back. She truly sets the spirit free!”

— Anonymous

“Thank you for fully reconnecting me back to my soul, with an open, warm heart and a fun energy about you. I feel that you have a lot of depth to you, and with that comes a non-judgmental, understanding character. I felt much more “present” in my body after our session, as well as less “heavy”. Which is something that has always been a bit of a struggle for me, as I tend to disconnect a lot, so the difference was very noticeable. Along with the immediate effects I felt with your chakra clearing that you did for me. I immediately felt a sense of relief. Overall, thank you for adding a fun, authentic energy to my healing process.”

— Love and light, Tasha

“Hi Isabella!

Thank you very much for your healing from listening to this! (Listen to Shaman Isabella on Voice America radio!) I really appreciate it & you! 🙏💜 I felt something shift! Lots of love & light! Blessings!”

— Anonymous

“Hi Isabella,

I read one of your articles in the Temple of Light “Radiance” magazine when I was sitting at Whole Foods in Laguna Niguel one day. Your article spoke of altering your own personal negative behaviors, and then the universe will present like-minded people.

While I was reading that article I was in a very bad place of uncertainty and was crying (yep, crying in public at Whole Foods). As soon as I finished reading the last word of the article, a woman, who I now consider my angel in human form, came up to me and said she noticed I was upset. She gave me a hug, asked if I wanted to talk about it, and said she would say a prayer for me. I was in awe of her kindness, for I had never had someone reach out to me so genuinely like that.

Fifteen minutes later she came back with a gift for me: an amethyst karma bead bracelet and chocolates from See’s Candies. I know it was not just coincidence that she knew my favorite color is purple and every single one of the chocolates she had picked for me were the exact ones I would choose from an assorted box. She is now my human angel–or maybe she wasn’t human because I can’t find her online anywhere, who knows–who reached out while I was hurting. I put out into the universe that I was hurting and needed guidance from someone/thing other than myself, thanks to reading your words, and in that instant it was brought to me.

I know energy healing doesn’t always work instantly. I am a newer Reiki practitioner, and know it comes in various forms and times, but this was just right and I couldn’t believe it.

So after that incident, I went to your website and looked around. I found the deck of cards offering, and figured I’d like to have those for myself since your words had been a part of such an impactful experience for me.
Thank you for bringing positivity to the universe.”— Paige from Laguna Niguel

“I met Isabella on a beach in Sussex, England whilst she was touring the sacred sites of the U.K. I was in a really bad way, in the middle of a severe nervous breakdown. My health was poor, I was locked into an abusive relationship and at the point we met I was on the brink of physical and emotional collapse. I was dealing with all manner of emotional issues, completely overwhelmed by my circumstance and unable to free myself from my controlling, violent, abusive partner.

Isabella could see my suffering and offered me a healing right there on the beach, I was reluctant at first, as I was feeling very vulnerable and my life force was low. She was very understanding and reassuring, so I decided to give it a go.

The healing was very powerful, she successfully located my trauma with acute intuitive accuracy. She calmed my nerves and helped me breathe, my lungs were so restricted with anxiety I had not been able to breathe for 9 months, she gave me a massive energy boost, I was amazed at her accuracy and her intuitive abilities. She performed an extremely powerful and effective crystal healing, released old trauma from my chakras, centred me and bathed me in loving protective light.

In the weeks that followed I grew in strength and resolution, finding the courage to free myself from my abusive partner. My energies slowly increased and I found greater perspective. My anxiety diminished within two weeks of her healing and my depression subsided. Six weeks later I am regaining my physical health am emotionally much stronger, feeling confident about my future.

Isabella performed a miracle and I am ever thankful for her kindness and for sharing her special gift with me. She is an angel, heaven sent, an extremely accomplished healer and shaman. I can honestly say I may not be alive today should she not have helped me, I am ever grateful for her love. xxx”

— Penelope (London, England)

“Before my first visit with Isabella, I didn’t have a very positive outlook on life due to working with a lot of toxic people and being in a toxic relationship. After a few healing sessions with her, the negativity started to lift and I started seeing life in a more positive way. Her wisdom and guidance have also helped me to be able to manifest things that I was never able to in the past. I went from being stuck in a city I didn’t want to live in and a job I didn’t like to getting a new job and new apartment in the city I’ve been wanting to live in for many, many years! Thank you so much, Isabella!”

-Lauren K.

“In a world of big promises and disappointing results, Isabella stands apart from a very crowded field. In my personal experience with Isabella, I have found that she has been able to solve problems in weeks, where conventional therapy can take years, if not decades”

-David, Engineer

“Yesterday was a beautiful day, I felt a sense of peace and happiness. The energy in the healing center is warm and light. Meeting Isabella has inspired me to work on my inner self and move forward. She is incredibly gifted and loving. You will not be disappointed!”


Going to Peru was more than a destination trip. It was a journey to yourself. The opportunity to connect to spiritual sites with spiritual guides was magical and transforming. Everyone came back enriched from the experience. I am so grateful to all who shared this journey with me and especially to Shaman Isabella for creating such an incredible space for us!

-Karen Josephson, MD

“I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast last night. I am a new follower and I’m very grateful to have found you and the wisdom, insight, and healing you have to offer. I began to practice some of your techniques and got immediate results. I appreciate you and thank you.”


“My experience with Isabella was remarkable. It was a healing that I have never felt before: powerful, life changing, and is still shaping who I am becoming for the future. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE HER MODALITY OF HEALING! I’m hooked.”

-Ryan Fukuda | Ryan the Super Healer

“Dear Isabella, Thanks for your time, good soulful advice and cleansing. Appreciated your time, love and care. Wishing you much success in your life in all aspects!”


“When receiving the rights from you I felt huge amounts of energy being exchanged, and have felt amazing clear since that time. I don’t believe in coincidences and found it interesting that your stone broke during my attunement. I manifest a lot of energy and was not too surprised, but was too exhausted to ask spirit why or what it meant. When I woke the next morning after a wonderful sleep ( I have not slept well in months) I realized it had to do with signing the final divorce agreement with my wife earlier that afternoon before ceremony. So my 15 year journey of enlightenment together split in two separate ones, much like your stone that day. Sorry about your stone. Again thanks for the Munay-Ki rights, and look forward to more spiritual adventures together. Blessed Be”


“During my interview with Shaman Isabella last November, she did a healing session with me. Now the results are all in. I was diagnosed with Kidney, Bladder and Prostate cancer. I had bladder surgery in January where the docs said the removed cancers were benign. Biopsies of the kidney said it was benign. Prostate was a false positive. My docs cannot believe the outcome. In 16 years of practice he has NEVER seen this. This is a 0.1% chance of happening. I credit my yoga lifestyle, family and friend support – and Isabella’s positive energy for this outcome. Many Blessings Alan”

-Dr. Alan Viau

“Thank you Isabella for your guidance and work today. I feel more at ease with myself and want to share my positivity with others. I will remember your advice about thoughts and words and apply it to my life. Hope to see you again soon!”

-M. Rao

“Dear Isabella ~ Thank you so much for working on me yesterday. Your time, energy and generosity of spirit really touched my heart. I feel like I’ve been lifted out of my doom and gloom. will be in touch soon. Thank you for this healing and heartening experience 🙂 Gratefully, “


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