Tune into the tides of your life


I am so grateful to bring you more beach toning videos from around the world! Having touched the sands of Sitges, Spain, Brighton Beach, England, Tofino, Canada and now Maui and Oahu, Hawaii, I can say the tides and waves of the oceans speak to me just the same. “Here, let me cleanse your soul, allow me to wash away your pain. Let me fill you with healing waters that remind you of who you are-a beacon of light.”

Wherever you are this Holiday season, allow the waters to heal you. Say a prayer for Pachamama and her children.  I pray for clean air, clean water, clean food…and to allow us to live in peace and harmony. I set this intention and hold a high vibration for the blessings of this earth to continue.

And so it is … Amen.

Love to you all,
Shaman Isabella

Steps for Releasing Stress: Set Intentions & Trust

Steps for Releasing Stress: Set Intentions & Trust

Shamanic Healing - Set Your Intentions
Here is a short ceremony to do during a full moon! 
  • Think of one thing you want to release.
  • Create a fire in your heart and burn away the old energy.
  • Focus your thoughts on the type of energy you wish your heart to vibrate.
  • In your mind, fill your body with the shimmering light of the Hunter’s moon, allowing it to flow in through the top of your head and through your higher self.
  • Fill your body with this light and vibrate at the highest frequency possible.
  • Connect with the collective consciousness & positive vibes all over the earth!

I invite you to use the video below to help you clear away any stress you may be holding onto and begin to shift your consciousness.

I recorded this chakra toning and singing bowl video along the beach at night during one of our Super Moons last year.  Allow the sound of the ocean and the sound of the bowl in the key of F (singing to the heart chakra) to clear away any ancestral pain or suffering.  Send LOVE & GRATITUDE to the energies of Mother Earth, and to the moon and the stars…release and clear away all the family issues you may have been struggling with!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”rHUcOJjPmfA” width=”600″ height=”338″ anchor=”http://files.constantcontact.com/ce3ffb7c001/bdb8c8f5-c516-46e1-8076-3396a57b71aa.png?a=1126139352984″ alt=”Heart Chakra Toning & Singing Bowl Energy Clearing”]

Shaman Healing Toning at the Beach


[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”7EvteFoFcn4″ width=”600″ height=”338″ anchor=”http://orangecountyhealingcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/949c6f9e-d635-49d3-9b76-d8c6e13f523b-500×281.jpg”]

(Click above to view video)

Everyone has their own special tone. By using your voice, you can actually clear your vibration. I love assisting my clients in finding their inner wisdom using shamanic techniques. After just one session you will feel light and more in tune with your spirit!

Blessings to you all from Normans Bay!!

UK Tour ~ Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”hf7hNbwShx4″ width=”600″ height=”338″ anchor=”http://orangecountyhealingcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/healing-waters-sanctuary-isabella-juliet-500×295.jpg”]

(Click above to view video)

Listen in on my recent Facebook Live video with Juliet from the Healing Waters Sanctuary (Glastonbury, England) as we discuss why it’s important to BE IN THE MOMENT. Allow your heart to open and release past trauma on the deepest level…take the time for yourself to move into a higher energy vibration! For information about sacred site tours, please visit ShamanicTravel.com.

Healing Waters Retreat & Sanctuary → http://www.healing-waters.co.uk

Step Out of Fear

Step Out of Fear

What is going on in your life that you would like to change?

So many people today have a feeling of being stuck. Unable to move forward they feel hopeless and afraid. They are afraid for their jobs, their children, whether or not they will be able to keep their homes. It is the underlining current of our nation. Fear.

What is your biggest fear?

If you could change anything in your life what would it be?

What if I told you if you just trusted and believed everything would work out, then it would.

Seems too simple right?

It is true. Thoughts and vibration equal success.

I would love to assist you in changing old belief patterns that have in the past held you back. As a shaman-healer-spiritual teacher I can assist you in raising your consciousness. I clear out old unwanted imprints from your energy field & chakras which are located in your energy centers & return to you fragmented soul parts. By doing this, your mind is able to relax, you trust yourself more and you are open to your own intuition.

The power of your mind coupled with the power of your vibration can create lasting changes in your life.

I want everyone to know they have the power to have the life of the dreams!