Fear or Love

Fear or Love

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We are in tremendous times of change, and how you handle yourself right now is what will either make or break you.

For many years I have been talking about ways to heal the masses, bring more positivity, and light while teaching people to learn that they are the creator of their own reality. Now, with the virus attacking whole countries I know why.

We can either continue being glued to the news, watching and believing all that we hear and read on social media, hoarding toilet paper, acting crazy or, we can make a choice.

Fear or Love

Fear is a disease in and of itself. It perpetuates, and creates chaos, anxiety and eventually more fear. Fear attracts fear, and this fear can jump from one individual to another. It can control you as it blows out your Chakra bodies and keeps your mind from being able to stay centered in the eye of the storm. In a way fear is like a virus and can take over your entire mind, body and spirit, and control you to the point of becoming paralyzed. To the point of no return.

But you are a magical Hu – man – BE – ing, and you have choice over how you think and feel. You can stop allowing outside influences to guide your decisions and begin to center yourself and watch.

Become the watcher. Watch what is happening around you without attaching to it.  Step away from the fear and into your own love. Live your life as best you can, stay in and take this time off to create! Some of our best creations have come when people had to stay indoors.

The planet needed a break from us humans and she got it. Already the Venice canal is clearer and Chinas air quality has improved. If you start looking at all the good this is doing for our world you will begin to see the bigger picture. Now, I am not saying it is not sad that so many have died or been put out of work, what I am saying is as a race we need to become way more conscious, if we want to keep living here. We have to stop buying plastic and supporting big corporations like Bayer and Nestle (just to name a few). We have to cook healthy foods that build our immune systems.

Most of all we have to get off the phone and into the eyes of our loved ones. We have to remember what it was like to be outside in the yard, read books, play games and hang out talking. It is imperative to our children’s future. Take a look around. How often to you see a child and an adult in conversation or connecting? Make a point of coming back to your roots, to a time of deep understanding and wisdom.

Now is the time to come together as a Tribe, as a human race and love one another. Help those without, those in need, share, but most of all fall more in love with who you are every day and create the planet you wish to live on.

As my teacher Alberto Villoldo always said, it is time to…” Dream a new world into being”

~Shaman Isabella

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You as a Vibrational Being

You as a Vibrational Being

Shaman Isabella Stoloff

“You are but one vibratory note in the Universe. What frequency do you wish to vibrate at?”

Each of us has a divine plan, a mission to accomplish in our lifetime.  This idea can be disconcerting, especially if you feel you don’t know what it is or how to accomplish it.

What if I told you just being was enough?  You are enough. You are whole. You are complete. Once you truly believe this and start vibrating at this frequency your mission. Your divine plan will come.

Here is an exercise ….

Start with a light hum…hum inside yourself.

Feel yourself.

How do you feel?

Hum through the feeling. If it is a low or negative feeling see if the humming can help you to raise your vibration out of it. If it is a good or positive feeling already, see how you can make that feeling even higher in your hum. Feel this good vibe in every single cell of your being.

Do this for at least 17 seconds each time your practice. The longer you can hold the vibration the more you will open up your intuition. When you awaken your intuition, you will be able to see your plan/mission more clearly.

If you would like to learn more join me Jan 20th, 2020 for a 6-week, live Zoom workshop, Monday nights 6:30pm PST. We will, “Awaken the Creator within” together as 2020 is sure to provide more insights into our purpose here on the planet. These calls will be recorded. I look forward to sitting with you weekly in ceremony and discovery. For more information, Shamanisabella@gmail.com.

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Audio Meditation: Creating Space In Your Mind

Audio Meditation: Creating Space In Your Mind

Are you stuck in the same old patterns or have you broken free from your mind and allowed yourself time to fly? Personally I go back and forth. Sometimes I feel stuck and others I am able to make my way out of my mind. This is the ebb and flow of life. What’s most important is being able to create space between the thoughts in your mind. When you have mastered this you will feel more at peace.

Today create a few moments of space between the thoughts.

Audio Meditation – Inner Child

Audio Meditation – Inner Child

Past wounds can get stuck in your energy field and chakra body creating feelings of lack and fear as well as many other issues. Becoming conscious of how you feel is key. Throughout the day check in with yourself and see how you are feeling.  Notice how you feel around certain people. Do this exercise with no judgment; just observe.

When you feel as if you are getting triggered breathe and ground yourself. You can do this by simply imagining your feet are like the roots of a tree. Anchor into your divine line and attach it to the front of your spine. Breathe again and notice if this person is still able to trigger you or if you can fill yourself up with yourself and let it go. Connecting with our inner children can help with this.


Crystal Star-lite Rites on Awakening Code Radio

Crystal Star-lite Rites on Awakening Code Radio

Crystal Star-lite Rites Healing

This is an excerpt from Awakening Code Radio Show in Laguna Beach.

Imagine a crystal deep within the earth. This crystal lite and crystalline structure is the heartbeat of Pachamama – Mother Earth and connects you to your divine right to be here on earth in the full expression of who you are. When you illuminate this beautiful healing light all the way through your body and out of the top of your head, into your higher self and the stars, you connect with the highest vibrational light.

Bring that light through your body and into the earth core crystal and shoot it back up again.

By doing this energy flush you release old stuck energy and become open to recieve your inner wisdom and gifts. When you are finished disconnect from the earth crystal and bring this light up into your solar plexus, anchor it in and breathe. Trust your gut. This is your second brain. Now, disconnect from the star and bring that energy through your higher self; aligning your spirit higher. Anchor that into your first brain; 3rd eye. Trust your intuition. Now move some of that energy from both of those intuitive centers into your heart. When you always come from a place of love for yourself first these intuitive centers grow.

Connect to the Golden Light of the Sun

Imagine the golden light of the sun turning into liquid gold and pouring through your higher self and into the top of your head. Imagine warm golden liquid life force energy from the sun, re-imprinting and reweaving your luminous energy field Feel the warm golden energy throughout your body, awakening every single cell of your being, bringing total health and wellness throughout your body, pouring warm liquid gold out of your fingers and your toes. Feel healed in every fiber of your being.


Creator of all that is, thank you thank you, thank you for this beautiful healing for myself. Thank you for giving me crystal, clear, clarity as I move forward on my path. I know I am a being of light and I am grateful to be alive.

And so it is.


For years I have been teaching the Crystal Star-lite rites as an activation for my clients divine right to be here on the planet at this time in the full expression of they are. It is my honor and privilege to share these rites with you.

Many blessings on your journey of light and love.

Shaman Isabella

Crystal Star-lite Rites on Awakening Code Radio

by Shaman Isabella Stoloff