Fear or Love

Fear or Love

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We are in tremendous times of change, and how you handle yourself right now is what will either make or break you.

For many years I have been talking about ways to heal the masses, bring more positivity, and light while teaching people to learn that they are the creator of their own reality. Now, with the virus attacking whole countries I know why.

We can either continue being glued to the news, watching and believing all that we hear and read on social media, hoarding toilet paper, acting crazy or, we can make a choice.

Fear or Love

Fear is a disease in and of itself. It perpetuates, and creates chaos, anxiety and eventually more fear. Fear attracts fear, and this fear can jump from one individual to another. It can control you as it blows out your Chakra bodies and keeps your mind from being able to stay centered in the eye of the storm. In a way fear is like a virus and can take over your entire mind, body and spirit, and control you to the point of becoming paralyzed. To the point of no return.

But you are a magical Hu – man – BE – ing, and you have choice over how you think and feel. You can stop allowing outside influences to guide your decisions and begin to center yourself and watch.

Become the watcher. Watch what is happening around you without attaching to it.  Step away from the fear and into your own love. Live your life as best you can, stay in and take this time off to create! Some of our best creations have come when people had to stay indoors.

The planet needed a break from us humans and she got it. Already the Venice canal is clearer and Chinas air quality has improved. If you start looking at all the good this is doing for our world you will begin to see the bigger picture. Now, I am not saying it is not sad that so many have died or been put out of work, what I am saying is as a race we need to become way more conscious, if we want to keep living here. We have to stop buying plastic and supporting big corporations like Bayer and Nestle (just to name a few). We have to cook healthy foods that build our immune systems.

Most of all we have to get off the phone and into the eyes of our loved ones. We have to remember what it was like to be outside in the yard, read books, play games and hang out talking. It is imperative to our children’s future. Take a look around. How often to you see a child and an adult in conversation or connecting? Make a point of coming back to your roots, to a time of deep understanding and wisdom.

Now is the time to come together as a Tribe, as a human race and love one another. Help those without, those in need, share, but most of all fall more in love with who you are every day and create the planet you wish to live on.

As my teacher Alberto Villoldo always said, it is time to…” Dream a new world into being”

~Shaman Isabella

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2020 Vision

2020 Vision

Balance the magnets in your body, both the masculine and feminine – feel at peace with both sides – all sides of the Self. You may ask yourself, “ How does one do this?” You realize you are polar opposites and one at the same time. You are ying and yang… you are amazing light!

Have a vision for 2020, go for it… Create heaven on earth… Be your own creator.

Happy New Year,
– Shaman Isabella

You as a Vibrational Being

You as a Vibrational Being

Shaman Isabella Stoloff

“You are but one vibratory note in the Universe. What frequency do you wish to vibrate at?”

Each of us has a divine plan, a mission to accomplish in our lifetime.  This idea can be disconcerting, especially if you feel you don’t know what it is or how to accomplish it.

What if I told you just being was enough?  You are enough. You are whole. You are complete. Once you truly believe this and start vibrating at this frequency your mission. Your divine plan will come.

Here is an exercise ….

Start with a light hum…hum inside yourself.

Feel yourself.

How do you feel?

Hum through the feeling. If it is a low or negative feeling see if the humming can help you to raise your vibration out of it. If it is a good or positive feeling already, see how you can make that feeling even higher in your hum. Feel this good vibe in every single cell of your being.

Do this for at least 17 seconds each time your practice. The longer you can hold the vibration the more you will open up your intuition. When you awaken your intuition, you will be able to see your plan/mission more clearly.

If you would like to learn more join me Jan 20th, 2020 for a 6-week, live Zoom workshop, Monday nights 6:30pm PST. We will, “Awaken the Creator within” together as 2020 is sure to provide more insights into our purpose here on the planet. These calls will be recorded. I look forward to sitting with you weekly in ceremony and discovery. For more information, Shamanisabella@gmail.com.

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Good Vibes Gatherings & Manifestation

Good Vibes Gatherings & Manifestation

Are you following your inner voice…that voice deep inside? Here is what recently happened when I not only listened but also trusted….

Since fully stepping onto my path as a Shaman, I have had a profound trust in Spirit.

When I heard Spirit say, “Create Good Vibes Gatherings around the world,” I was excited but also overwhelmed. I felt it was a way to do what I love (create community, build tribes and assist people in releasing the negative mind) as well as touch more lives with my Good Vibes positive affirmation deck, but I had no idea where to begin.

Sometimes we just need to trust and follow our hearts, along with Spirit’s guidance.

The minute I started putting it out there, groups began to form. My heart is filled with joy for this new endeavor. Get clear, raise your vibe, visualize what you want, and it will happen.

Trust the messages you are receiving and the signs Spirit sends.

I follow energy and trust the messages I am getting. I like to say, “If it is positive and makes you feel good, it’s the truth. If it is negative and makes you feel bad, it’s a lie.”

What I know for certain is that when I listen to spirit my life changes,  so I am better able to assist myself, and others, in the shift.

Here’s an example of me listening….as many of you know I created the Good Vibes positive affirmation deck (available in English and Spanish), with my daughter Victoria Craven. I heard I had books and card decks inside of me but I didn’t know how to create them. I had been channeling messages for my clients and asked my daughter to make graphics for me to use on Instagram with the messages I had been given by Spirit. After the first one, I knew the decks were being created. I listened and trusted.

You may ask…but how? How do I begin?

Many of us are creating unconsciously. We think we are coming from a clear place, but the truth is we have so much subconscious preprograming and mind chatter running all the time, that it can be difficult to get centered and clear. We have no idea how to start trusting ourselves, let alone Spirit.

Once we learn to let go of the negative mind, love ourselves more and raise the vibe within, we will become clear. When we are clear our manifestations will come to life much quicker.

The Good Vibes Gatherings: Consciously Creating

I know we are magnificent beings with the ability to create at any given moment. When we breathe in the beauty of who we are and breath out judgments, we can gain clarity. During these gatherings I will be teaching people how to come from the highest aspect of themselves so they can co-create consciously.

The 3-steps to focused manifestation are…

  • Clear your energy body and mind
  • Clear the clutter
  • Clear intentions

We must learn to love ourselves first and foremost. Once we do this, our minds will open so we can hear the guidance of our higher selves and the wisdom of Spirit.

If you would like to connect with me in person, I offer one-on-one Shaman energy healings over the phone or in person. Click here.

I look forward to meeting you soon

~Shaman Isabella

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