This Halloween, find beauty in every moment.

This Halloween, find beauty in every moment.

This Halloween, find beauty in every moment...This Halloween, find beauty in every moment. As the hustle and bustle of this holiday season begins, greet it with a calm mind and a grateful spirit. Find peace and stay away from drama. When we practice non-attachment, we are able to see situations more clearly.

This Halloween, find beauty in every moment...

Create a mindful holiday and love yourself in every moment…

Happy Halloween, Tribe!
Shaman Isabella

Live in the Moment in Every Single Cell of Your Being!

Live in the Moment in Every Single Cell of Your Being!

Blessings to you all from the Cricket Festival in Cheltenham, England!! 
On this beautiful day wherever you are in the world, be at peace. With all that is happening now, and as the movement and beingness creates chaos, be stil.practice non-being, practice peace, and keep on LOVING!!!
Have an incredible day, tribe!
Love your light & live in the moment!

Guided Prayer: Connect to Your Rainbow Light Body

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Sending love and light to all! Sending prayers to have you connect to ceremony we had for the goddess, for the waters & springs and for the Holy Thorn Tree of Glastonbury…tune into the golden light, tune into your soul. Have a Blessed & Beautiful day!




In today’s world of worry we do not know which way to turn. There is so much information. So much is people telling us what to do, what to think or how to feel. Some of us may have been out of work for a while, unable to find a job. Some of us may feel stuck in relationships that no longer serve us. Our teens may seem out of control and unruly.

How do we step out of how we are feeling and create a good life?
I was one of those unruly teens. I had a really hard time with life and wanted out of my home at a very young age. I ran away and created a life filled with pain and misery. I think back and wonder if I had just one adult that I could talk to before I turned my life turned inside out would it have made a difference.

Today I work with families to create wholeness. Teens listen to me because I listen to them. I have been there and can relate to what’s going on with them.

Our children are magical beings that need space to grow.

It is our job to teach them, but it is also our job to listen.

Listen to your children and grow along with them.

I use energy medicine to heal the light body. I can assist your families to get unstuck, to stop the loop that keeps you in the same old patterns.

Change your thinking and stop the worry. Only then can you live the life you were born to live.

Find yourself in the moment…ask yourself…what can I do to make myself more light today? What thought…burden… or memory can I ask to be lifted?

Then as you release that thought, fill your body with golden light….and SHINE!

Calling All Bringers of Light

Calling All Bringers of Light


Calling all Bringers of Light!!!

Woman entering water spiritual

I have been feeling the pull, the energy shifts, and the tremendous sorrow & frustration on the earth recently. It has been like walking through shaky mud for the past few weeks. I encourage you all to hold on, hang tight, and keep your VIBE high. No matter what is showing up right now, stay centered, hold your light bright, & TRUST. The divine light is working hard to assist, but needs your faith and positive thoughts in order to wake up more humans & bring peace to earth. All the writing I have done this month has been to give you tools to aid in the transformation.

This holiday season hold peace in your heart, feel abundant in your spirit, & let go of all the negativity in your life. Take a plunge into the divine golden light of 2015 & create a mind that is free from worry or fear. We need YOU!

Blessings from Shaman Isabella