Day 8, 7, 6 of Momentum

This momentum tunnel I created in this blog has swept me away. I find that everyday up to this point has been so full I cannot even find the time to keep up with it. This just goes to show that once you have created energy behind a thought you can get carried away. It has been a whirlwind of a week. Last night we finished the Radiance Now magazine for the Temple of Light in Lake Forest. My daughter’s ability to focus and create spectacular Ads for people is truly incredible. Watching her work on the magazine layout and create magic was an inspiration. Everyone involved with the magazine put forth so much effort and love it was a joy to see. I looked at my daughter work tirelessly on this project with a sense of pride. As some of you know my past could have taken me out; literally. It almost did. Instead I used my past as a tool to help myself, and others. I learned, and keep learning from my mistakes. I now choose to see those mistakes as life lessons. Life lessons do not have to destroy you. Instead allow them to make you stronger. Do not beat yourself up and allow negative thinking to control you. Take each moment to applaud yourself for all that you are. Overcome these challenges and move forward. Last week I started a 6-week teleconference series called “Manifesting from your Core”. This class is turning out to be very advanced work. Digging deep into how we think about ourselves and others and giving tangible tools to clear ourselves. Every week I am surprised at the things I say. Then again I know I was guided to create this blog and the conference so I should never be surprised, only grateful. I stay in gratitude, humbled by this experience I am having on the planet at this time. I have manifested an amazing life for myself. One free from worry or negative thinking. When I catch myself now, I loving redirect my thoughts and shift my perception around the situation. Today, catch yourself when you are in judgment, and jump on the back of an Eagle and fly!

Day 10 & 9 of Momentum

Perfection. What if we knew we were born into perfection? What if there was no fear and only love? The more soul retrievals I do for others, and the more I grow, I realize more and more that we are pure divine light. What we hold in our hearts, what lives behind the hurt and pain, is pure perfection. It is our past traumas and the imprint that are created by those around us that affect us most. The pain and suffering of those around us is what creates the earliest memory on our energy fields. These imprints activate old cellular memory, the memories of our ancestors as well as what we bring in from past lives. This is what begins the shutdown of our light. I remember being a very happy kid, but the pain my mother was feeling was transferred energetically to me. At a very young age I can remember looking out of the window while driving with her in the car. We would listen to all the old love songs. Songs about lonely people, and love lost. Even at the age of 7 & 8 I could feel those songs in my soul, although I had never experienced them. I now know some of those were my mother’s transferred feelings, and I found myself in pain from them. Be aware of the signals you are sending to your children, even if it is energetically. Be aware of the things you say. It is not only their minds that are like little sponges but their energy bodies. Their little bodies are like sponges absorbing all the signals you and those around you send. Treat the children like they are perfection by treating yourself like perfection. Model the behavior you want to see in them with yourself first. Allow the children to teach us how to love. Find the momentum in your divine perfection.

Day 11 of Momentum

We are half way through our 21 days momentum challenge. How is it going? I have had to find balance so I could finish all I started and when I asked for support the universe jumped in and everything got done. We need to remember we are not alone and if we ask for help we get it. I talk allot about loving yourself and clearing your minds of negative thoughts in order to create a new vibration within, as that is what I believe this is what assists us in creating new energy bodies. It is the one thing we truly have control over. The fear the media tries to instill in us can only be battled by our freedom of choice and the love we have for ourselves. Today is the day to focus on the love you have for yourself. Can you feel it? What does it look like? It is easy to love someone else, to share a piece of yourself with them to show how much you love them, but what do you do for you? How do you know you are loving yourself? The first thing to notice is how you are talking to yourself. Are you kind and loving when you hear yourself? If not then when you hear yourself talking negatively about yourself stop and say Cancel Clear Delete. Then tell yourself, I Love You, you are wonderful loving kind compassionate. Look at all that you do and applaud yourself. Once you have grasped the concept of loving yourself you will feel more whole, more focused. Your mind will be filled with love and therefore you will have more room to create momentum and manifest from your core. Some things I do to release old thought patterns is journal. For years I wrote and wrote whatever came to my mind. When you journal, your mind gets clear. You can burn these writings as there is transformation in the fire. Begin today by loving yourself fully in the present moment and creating a whole new you.

Day 12 of Momentum

The energy this past 12 days has been immense; I do hope you are all taking advantage of it. Although I have been a bit overwhelmed and tired, I knew that if I could just get the first teleconference class under way I would be able to relax. Last night’s class was more than I could have hoped for. A wonderfully receptive group, open and willing to learn. The class went nothing like I thought it would and those that attended were taught actual healing techniques they can use again and again. Now I have the download for others who are ready to experience what I have to share. Sometimes I have no idea what is going to happen until it happens. When we were finished with the call I thought to myself, “That was a mini-Shaman class. How cool”. I am grateful to be riding this wave of momentum. I am able to keep myself motivated to finish all I set out to do this month which was quite a bit. The blog was not planned, but when spirit calls I answer, and I love it. I encourage each and every one of you to listen to your inner guidance and step up when called. We are in a changing world, one of love and light. Grow along spiritual lines. Tune into your inner wisdom and shine!

Day 14 & 13 of Momentum

Some day’s life just takes hold and the momentum is so strong it sweeps us away to unknown territory. At the last minute my friend asked me if I would like to go the Catalina Island over night for my birthday. Of course I said, YES! A quick getaway was just what I needed. The last time I had been to the island was in 1984 with my mother and children. At that time I was a mess. Looking at the photos from that day I see a shell of a woman disappearing into the dark void she had created for herself. While there I had memories and caught my mind wandering from guilt and shame, to mournfulness of how I had treated my mother and the void I must have created in my children’s lives. I wouldn’t allow myself to go there for long, when the thought would come I would not wait for it to affect my energy body and vibration. I released the thought in love and light and felt a sense of peace over the years I spent in the darkness, knowing that in the darkness there is light. This trip to the island was much different. I had an amazing time and we stayed in the Wrigley mansion on Mt Ada, where I felt the presence of his wife Ada and the memories that fill the rooms of that magical place. I felt blessed to still be alive. Once I arrived on the dock at Long Beach harbor I knew my focus needed to turn to the Summer Solstice I was having last evening. One of my favorite things to do is get my home, the OC Healing Center ready for gatherings. We had a beautiful evening of food, friends, music, and ceremony. The feeling of love is still with me. A remembrance of why I am here on the planet at this time. As I release my stories and the stories of my friends, clients and family I also release the stories from the planet. This in turn creates a lighter place to live, in more ways than one. Today remember a story and release it and feel your container grow. Fill your container with light and lighten the load for us all!