Signs of Ascension

Signs of Ascension

You will notice you are ascending when you no longer complain about your life. When you stop friends from gossiping or notice that old friends are either changing right alongside you or falling away.

Woman in Water“How can I tell all the healing work I have done is working?”

When you look in the mirror do you still find fault with yourself or do you smile and love your body just the way it is. Have you changed the way you speak about yourself? Are you living in fear or feeling victimized? Have you finally realized that each moment is a gift? Do you dance through the house doing the mundane day to day chores feeling joy in every fiber of your being?

What do you think when you look at the bills or your bank account?

Do you stress over things you cannot change?

Here’s a little secret. No matter how much money you have YOU ARE ALIVE and tomorrow is another day.

Live the way you would if you had all the money in the world.

Clear the closets clear the clutter and live with what you truly need to be HAPPY. Make a list of what you REALLY need. Then put everything else on craigslist. Make money out of the storage unit you pay on every month.

Once you clear this clutter, the clutter of your mind will follow suit.

When your mind is FREE you will have the ability to create…create…CREATE!

Once you begin to create, magic will happen. You will remember who you are and why you are here.

Until the next time my friends….BE the LIGHT you wish to SEE in the WORLD!!!

Trust the Divine Light that you are!

Trust the Divine Light that you are!

People come to me from all walks of life. Regardless of background or religion, we are all faced with the same types of challenges.

PTSD-Loneliness-Uncertainty-Loss-Stress-Abandonment-Depression-Anxiety-Fear, Low self-worth, not good enough, victim.

Many people have an inability to move forward or are stuck in a cycle of old patterns and addiction, desperate for change.

Many of the problems we are faced with are connected to our ancestors and our past. You will learn how we repeat the patterns of our parents and grandparents. The Spiritual Healings I give, teach you how to transform your life and unwind old patterns, pain and suffering. The stories that once held you back in the past melt away, and underneath you will find your authentic self!
Dancing in the Sun
Shamanic Healings assist you in connecting with your inner wisdom so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Tune in and listen to the divine essence of who you truly are.

Own What You Eat

Own What You Eat

I have always had a love for nature. I grew up in the Hollywood Hills and would hike for hours along the hillside. We had beautiful avocado, walnut, and kumquat trees in our yard. My mother would give me whole tomatoes with salt and I would bite into the juicy red ball and taste the yummy goodness. We could pick the fruit off neighbor’s trees and eat our fill. Even in our relatively urban Beachwood Canyon we had many varieties of healthy fruit trees.

Today, those trees are long gone. I can remember the first KFC to enter my world. Oh how my mother loved those mashed potatoes and gravy. In those days everything was still made fresh. Then came McDonalds and Jack in the Box. Healthy natural food was being replaced by “convenience food”. No one was truly aware of what was to come. In the 1960’s, our mothers began working. Family dinners at the table became a thing of the past. We plopped down in front of the Zenith television set with our TV dinners or fast food and were told to be quiet until the commercial. The avocado tree was cut down and all the others in our yard got diseased and soon disappeared from sight. Thank goodness my mother saw the destruction of our diet in these so called healthy fast foods and TV. She began limiting my use of television saying it would rot my brain. In the 70’s most of my family went vegan and talked about organic food and holistic approaches to wellness.

My mother lived to be 85. She made her own Kumbacha tea before anyone knew what it was and drank Dr. Schultz super food. But this was not the case for most Americans. Now, our land and our food are being poisoned and we are slowly dying. Recently on Chef Jamie Oliver gave a passionate speech on how kids in the US today will have a shorter life span by ten years due to poor nutrition. This is sad indeed. The solution? Grow your own food or if you cannot, buy local organic. Now, many of you will say “but it’s so expensive.” The truth is the money you will save on doctor and hospital bills in the long run, will far outweigh the cost of organic produce. Think of all the prescription medications that have become supplements to our unhealthy diet. As we all know many Americans are suffering from type 2 diabetes and obesity. Pay attention to your food and where it comes from; own what you are eating. We have not only lost touch with our food but also with our connection to the mother, our planet earth. In the old days people had a stronger connection with the planet. Farmers would roll seeds under their tongue so the seed would know how to feed their DNA.

This may sound strange but just think about it. Seeds grow into living organisms. They nourish our bodies and feed our families. It is important to know what the seed is made up of before ingesting it. If it has been genetically modified or injected with poison how can it be beneficial? Genetically Modified Food will destroy us. GMO ‘s have diminished nutritional value and the danger of eating GMO seeds has not even begun to be discovered. A marvelous example for all of us to follow is Vandana Shiva. Vandana has been working since 1987 saving seeds from colonization. She says that community farms should be a part of city planning. Vandana works tirelessly for future generations to have clean seeds. My little girl self who once sat in the walnut tree and swung on the branches of the avocado tree has come back to remind me of my connection the mother. As a Shaman I connect to the spirit of the land, Pachamama. I listen to her heartbeat. Pachamama has been asking me to assist others in reconnecting their spirit to her as well. She is our mother and wants to take care of us but we have forgotten how to honor her. There are many ways to honor and reconnect with Pachamama.
Start by listening. Trust your intuition. Educate yourself and your children about seeds. Shop local organic and tell others who do not know about the problem with GMO seeds to do the same. I spend time visualizing the world I wish to live in. Spend a few moments everyday in silence. Remember your inner child, the one who knows how to listen to Pachamama. Breath in beauty and breath out all that no longer serves you. Visualize what you would like for future generations. Expand your heart with each breath and connect to our mother. During your visualization meditation imagine you have an “idea seed”. Plant the seed and watch it grow. Create your own reality with this “idea seed”. Spend a few moments everyday tending to the garden of your mind. Send loving vibrations around the planet and eat as healthily as you can.

We are the stewards of this beautiful land. This is our home and together we really can make a difference. Isabella Stoloff Shaman and Golden Condor healer assists her clients in tuning into their authentic self so they can create the life they came here to live. Her transformational workshops ignite the light within, leaving participants with an incredible sense of understanding and love. She gives one-on-one healing sessions, writes for Awareness, Visions and Sedona Journal Emergence Magazines, teaches classes and holds Spiritual retreats worldwide. Isabella looks forward to assisting you on your journey to the soul.

Day 12 of Momentum

The energy this past 12 days has been immense; I do hope you are all taking advantage of it. Although I have been a bit overwhelmed and tired, I knew that if I could just get the first teleconference class under way I would be able to relax. Last night’s class was more than I could have hoped for. A wonderfully receptive group, open and willing to learn. The class went nothing like I thought it would and those that attended were taught actual healing techniques they can use again and again. Now I have the download for others who are ready to experience what I have to share. Sometimes I have no idea what is going to happen until it happens. When we were finished with the call I thought to myself, “That was a mini-Shaman class. How cool”. I am grateful to be riding this wave of momentum. I am able to keep myself motivated to finish all I set out to do this month which was quite a bit. The blog was not planned, but when spirit calls I answer, and I love it. I encourage each and every one of you to listen to your inner guidance and step up when called. We are in a changing world, one of love and light. Grow along spiritual lines. Tune into your inner wisdom and shine!

Day 18 of Momentum

What is holding you back today? What is in your way? Any idea you may have of a situation or a challenge you are going through or facing is just a thought, that is all, a thought. Whether or not you choose to focus on that thought is your choice. Even if you are having the worst of luck it is how you think about your situation that matters most. Spend today focusing on something other than the challenge, or situation you are faced with. Focus on the light and the warmth of the light. Think about something positive, something that makes you feel great. Everyday is such a precious gift. If we see each day that way instead of finding all that is wrong with it we will change our situations and things that used to feel like challenges will fade away. If you have been making strides toward changing your patterns, day 18 is sure to bring you more energy and positive thoughts. Take some time for yourself and feel this momentum of change coming into your head, in your crown chakra filling your entire body. We have great assistance available to us at this time from whatever Universal wisdom you believe in. Whether it be a Guru, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, God, your Higher self, Goddesses, Angels, Guides, Transcended masters, whatever you call it they are all here just waiting to be asked for help. They want to assist you in any way they can. See beyond your box. Break free from the conventional way of being. Feel this magnificent energy flowing all around your light body. Feel this energy deep in your soul and manifest from your creative center today. Articles and Blogs written by Isabella Stoloff founder of the OC Healing Center. Here you will find many meditations and insights from clearing your energy body to creating the life you want to live.