Day 1 of Momentum

Well here we are Day 1, the 21-day challenge has finally come to an end, or has it? I see that I counted backwards starting at Day 21. So now it looks like it is Day 1 of the challenge ☺. So I once again challenge you to create another 21 days for yourself. Keep a journal, and every day write down something inspirational for yourself to read and re-read. We all have down days it is part of life. The thing is not to let those days snowball into a never-ending cycle of suffering. By keeping a journal you can see how far you have come. You can read over those inspirational messages you leave for yourself. Tune into the light that connects you to who you are. Practice automatic writings. By channeling your higher self and writing what comes forth you will have a fresh new perspective on whatever it is you feel is standing in your way of creating the best life ever. I had a boyfriend once who, when I was feeling down would say, “Well, at least you can feel”. This made a huge impact on me. YES! I thought, at least I can feel today. I spent so many years self-medicating to get out of how I was feeling that I had forgotten how to feel. Today, I love and honor my feelings, and try not to judge them. I watch my thoughts and I am careful of the words I speak. I live in right relationship with the planet, my fellow man and myself. I am far from perfect but I can see my growth and I am grateful. Remember you create your own reality. Words + Thoughts + Feelings + Action. Plant a seed today for what you would like to have in your experience. Water the seed with love and intention for it to grow. Plant a garden in your mind and feel how beautiful it is. Raising our vibrations, and in turn the vibrations of the planet, is as easy taking a moment and breathing in the deliciousness of who you are. Love yourself in every moment. Remember you are pure light. I look forward to assisting you and your families on finding your passion in the near future. Please stay in touch by checking my calendar for upcoming events.
Keep shinning!

Day 2 of Momentum

I feel my gift is to inspire others. To give them the space they need to find their passion. What is your gift? What do you love to do? Remember when you were a kid and the world felt wide open, as if you could do anything you wanted? Your imaginations swept you away to foreign lands, and you were able to create palaces out of sheets? Tap into the child within you, and find your gifts. Ask that magical part of yourself, what does it want to do? You may be surprised by the answer. It could be a write a novel, or just take short walk around the block, paint, take a trip to the craft store, or a hot bubbles bath. Whatever your inner voice tells you, listen. It is when we listen to our inner wisdom, and do what it suggests that we find our passion, our gifts. The more we listen, the more we grow. Today find the momentum in your inner voice, the little part of yourself that gets pushed away with the everyday chores of life. As you celebrate this day of Independence find your own Independence, listen and grow.

Day 3 of Momentum

During the past 18 days of this 21 day momentum challenge, I have found myself so busy it was hard to keep up with myself. I know there is importance in finding the balance in life. Today I am resting in Capo Beach at my friend’s home. Time to reflect on the past month, my accomplishments and setbacks. Life is filled with ups and downs, darkness and light. It is how we deal with those challenges that makes us who we are. Throughout my life if things got tough I would push myself forward. There was one point when I desperately wanted to be a Junior high school teacher. I was already teaching at-risk, after school programs to youth and wanted more stability in my career. I felt teaching would give me what I desired. I flew to Sacramento and went before the board. Although I had worked so hard at getting my life back together the board would not approve me. One of the members who sat behind the long oak table asked me, “Why should we allow you to teach? What if a parent found out about your past and did not want an x-drug addict teaching their children?” I said, “Who better then I to teach your children? Someone who has experienced life like I have? I can really help those kids”. I was heartbroken but knew there was something else in store for me. Eventually, I was able to teach in a University and a Community college. If I had given up that never would have happened. Let this momentum challenge teach you to never give up. Do not allow others opinions of you drag you down. Live from your heart and keep on moving. Today, be the best human you can. Love yourself and help another to see their light. This is the new wave of the future, to get back to our roots, create communities of oneness, and grow.

Day 11 of Momentum

We are half way through our 21 days momentum challenge. How is it going? I have had to find balance so I could finish all I started and when I asked for support the universe jumped in and everything got done. We need to remember we are not alone and if we ask for help we get it. I talk allot about loving yourself and clearing your minds of negative thoughts in order to create a new vibration within, as that is what I believe this is what assists us in creating new energy bodies. It is the one thing we truly have control over. The fear the media tries to instill in us can only be battled by our freedom of choice and the love we have for ourselves. Today is the day to focus on the love you have for yourself. Can you feel it? What does it look like? It is easy to love someone else, to share a piece of yourself with them to show how much you love them, but what do you do for you? How do you know you are loving yourself? The first thing to notice is how you are talking to yourself. Are you kind and loving when you hear yourself? If not then when you hear yourself talking negatively about yourself stop and say Cancel Clear Delete. Then tell yourself, I Love You, you are wonderful loving kind compassionate. Look at all that you do and applaud yourself. Once you have grasped the concept of loving yourself you will feel more whole, more focused. Your mind will be filled with love and therefore you will have more room to create momentum and manifest from your core. Some things I do to release old thought patterns is journal. For years I wrote and wrote whatever came to my mind. When you journal, your mind gets clear. You can burn these writings as there is transformation in the fire. Begin today by loving yourself fully in the present moment and creating a whole new you.

Day 12 of Momentum

The energy this past 12 days has been immense; I do hope you are all taking advantage of it. Although I have been a bit overwhelmed and tired, I knew that if I could just get the first teleconference class under way I would be able to relax. Last night’s class was more than I could have hoped for. A wonderfully receptive group, open and willing to learn. The class went nothing like I thought it would and those that attended were taught actual healing techniques they can use again and again. Now I have the download for others who are ready to experience what I have to share. Sometimes I have no idea what is going to happen until it happens. When we were finished with the call I thought to myself, “That was a mini-Shaman class. How cool”. I am grateful to be riding this wave of momentum. I am able to keep myself motivated to finish all I set out to do this month which was quite a bit. The blog was not planned, but when spirit calls I answer, and I love it. I encourage each and every one of you to listen to your inner guidance and step up when called. We are in a changing world, one of love and light. Grow along spiritual lines. Tune into your inner wisdom and shine!