Create a Vibration of Prosperity in the New Year!

Create a Vibration of Prosperity in the New Year!

As the year comes to an end, and you reflect on this past year, what will you think of? Most of us will dwell on the mistakes or problems we had, or are still having. Very few will look over the past year and say, “Good job my friend”. Instead of beating yourself up over things you cannot change, take a moment and see all the accomplishments you have made, no matter how small. Pat yourself on the back then say, “Well done”! This is the first step in shifting your vibration to become more prosperous.

As a Shaman I teach people to take their power back by focusing their attention on releasing negative self-talk, and falling more in love with themselves. If you want to create more prosperity, then it is important to become more loving with yourself. Create a vibe around you that will increase your magnetism. You know the type of person you enjoy being around right? Someone uplifting and happy, someone who is so secure you can’t help but want to be near them. You can become the person you dream of by listening to your inner guidance.
Most of us are so in our heads it’s hard to get out. We find ourselves in an unstoppable cycle of repetitive patterns. Mentally we go over the same problem trying to find a better solution. Does doing this really help? I feel this is actually what keeps us from finding inner peace. Make a promise to yourself that in the year 2015 you will commit to living in present time consciousness. Let go of the worry, and try something new. Trust that everything will work itself out as long as you stay positive and keep a high vibration. Do this for 30 days and see what happens.
One way I have been able to shift is to listen to my thoughts, and observe how they make me feel. How you feel has a great deal to do with how your life is showing up. When one creates a vibration of love, and safety around them, automatically things begin to get better.
Many times I had to fake it till I made it, but it worked! Each time I shifted my consciousness and vibration around an issue the issue dissolved, and things worked out. Now that’s not to say it was always in my favor, it’s just that the way I felt about the situation and my perceptions shifted, so I was happier.
It can just be a subtle shift, a little reminder that your thoughts are going in the wrong direction. Then you gently bring your awareness into your body and breathe. Release all that no longer serves you. Find all the things you are grateful for, smile for no reason, sit quietly and find joy in the silence. I know these seem like simple tools for success but they work. Once you can get a handle on your thoughts you will notice your body more, and your intuition will heighten. The importance of having a heightened intuition is learning to trust your inner guidance. As a society we have given our power away for so long that we have begun to not trust ourselves. We need to trust our inner knowing so we can experience happier, prosperous lives.
Everyone is searching for an answer. All of us want the key to success. My feeling is true success comes from deep within. It comes from a place of falling so in love with ourselves that we believe in who we are as individuals, trust our decisions, and know that we deserve the best that life has to offer.
This year, learn how to shift the energetics of a situation by shifting your perceptions, and watch your whole life change!
About Shaman Isabella Stoloff:
Shaman Isabella Stoloff is a dynamic leader. She founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009 and since that time has committed herself to leaving the world a better place. Isabella has been called the Golden Condor and World Ambassador. She has traveled to connect people to their inner wisdom and provide ceremonies for the land. She has a full time practice, writes articles, a YouTube channel, and does guest spots to carry the message of enlightenment. Isabella is a mother and grandmother and understands what is needed today to raise a conscious family. Shaman Isabella feels honored to be on the planet during this time of great awakening. She feels once you empower yourself through positive thought and action you will feel connected and centered. Isabella’s message is to awaken to the light that you are, so you can become the Shaman in your own life.

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Interview with Isabella Stoloff

Interview with Isabella Stoloff

By Morwen Lome

Isabella Stoloff is a practicing shaman that founded the Orange County Healing Center. At this center she offers soul retrievals, chakra balancing, and other such spiritual ceremonies. In addition, she reaches millions on her YouTube Channel. The links can be found at the end of the article.

Shaman Isabella Stoloff

Morwen: Isabella, you have an amazing YouTube channel that assists people in understanding the energies around them, dealing with their chakras and energy bodies. Would you want to talk about that a bit?

Isabella: Sure! I created this YouTube channel to begin to share the information that was coming into me and the healing that I was experiencing, and also to teach people how to take care of their energy bodies and to tune into their own divine wisdom. You’ll find that it is sort of a conglomeration of me and my growth in the last five years, and my ups and downs as well.
Sometimes the energy is really intense and I’ll make a video because I am feeling so heavy. At the beginning of 2014 we were coming out of the Year of the Snake and into the Year of the Horse, and it was very intense energy. I am feeling that same energy right now. I haven’t made a video about it, but I have been writing blogs and I have had a few things that I have put out about dealing with stuff at the end of 2014 and how we want to leave it. Do we want to leave it in a heavy state, or do we want to lighten it up? I know that this is being written for the people of 2015, but for those of you that are still feeling the heaviness of the previous year as you head into January, I ask you to look at those videos, or look at other videos that are enlightening, and look back on 2014 and see all the blessings.
Even if you go back and look at videos of early 2014 and use that video to relieve any heaviness, it’ll work. The energy still carries. Every group healing, anything I’ve done on radio show, or healings I have done on video, they work forever. So put yourself in front of it and say, “I want to release heavy energy” and tune into the Golden Light, and you will experience that uplifting feeling.
I do feel that YouTube is a great way to tune into the Divine. Now, with that said, you have to be very intuitive when searching YouTube. I have noticed, because I have looked at a few myself, I can feel some videos that are not my vibe. They didn’t work for me. So I encourage you all as YouTube watchers to trust yourself when watching a YouTube video. Trust yourself. No matter who it is, it might not be for you. Move on and find the one that resonates with your vibration, because we are all very different and what may be good for one person may not be good for someone else. And as the technology and information age comes through, it is a real opportunity to not give your power away, to not trust everything you read and hear, but to tune into your own vibration and see what works for you.

Morwen: Thank you. (pause) So, you have information about the New Year, 2015, and some of the energies that are coming to us. Can you talk about that with us?

Isabella: It is an interesting year. It will be the Year of the Wooden Sheep. We are leaving the year of the
Wooden Horse and coming into the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep which is a very prosperous time. If you happen to be born around the month of the sheep, it will be a really great time for you as well. It is an “8” year, which is prosperity, connection, and infinity.
I did a little card reading to do a monthly forecast.

I found that in January we need to have patience, just taking it a little slow. If business seems a little slow, don’t get discouraged. If things that you have planned for haven’t quite come into fruition, give it time. This is a time to be patient and set your intentions to move forward. Look at how you wish to move forward.
Look at energy that you are still carrying from 2014, and if any of it is negative or heavy, create some kind of ceremony, get a healing, and do whatever it is you need to do to move and let go of that old, heavy energy. And be patient as you set your intention for a prosperous New Year, because it looks good. We have a really good year ahead of us.

In February things are going to lighten up because you have done this work. Because you have set your intentions and had a patient month in January, there will be so much light around the planet in February. I have done a lot of womb healing and grid work around the planet. I just came from Bulgaria and the UK and doing ceremonies for people and this earth. I will be taking people to Peru in October to more of this type of womb healing for the Mother, and in February there will be portals of light that will be opening up around the planet, inside the planet as well, and the lighter and clearer we are in our thoughts, the more light that will be more light that will be able to come down.
So in February, focus on being impeccable with your words and clarity of mind as you raise your own vibration. We are made of the same material as the earth, so when we are heavy the earth is heavy. When we feel light, the earth feels light, and that portal of Ascended Master and Angels can really come down and make a difference on the earth.

In March have faith in yourself. Have faith in your ability to manifest, and ground that into your first chakra. This month is very much about first chakra work and grounding that energy in. Release any residual fears.
I know how people are; they look at their bank accounts and freak out. What I started doing, after I realized that every time I went to the bank and was stressed out about money; I could actually feel every single chakra tighten up. Every single chakra in my body would close up because I was so scared. When I flew out into the universe and let go of all the fear, and just imagined more zeros. I chose to focus on abundance, and everything would shift for me, and it can for you as well. So, become more aware of your energy body, and ground yourself in manifestation, because YOU deserve the best.

This month is about letting go of more fear and negative energy. Have a fire ceremony this month and honor the energies of the moon and the earth, and any residual fears – let them go. Any negativity – let it go. Write them out and burn them. This ritual of writing, burning, and meditating on the light that we opened up in February will be deeply healing.

Take authority over your own light. Let go of things that are not useful. This can mean people, guys! You just spent six months standing in your power, rooting in your own energy, and the people around you that are not shifting with you, they need you to say, “I’m sorry. I can listen to gossip anymore. ““I’m sorry. I can’t listen to you speak negatively anymore.” “I am working so hard on myself that I have to have people around me that more positive.” Now, however that we can do this in a compassionate way; not combative, not defensive, not calling people on their stuff, but really compassionately and peacefully saying, “This is the world that I am creating, and I want you in my world, but you have to do your own personal work.”
Take authority over what you have created, and begin to let that take shape in your world.

It’s time for a vacation. It is a time to reward yourself for all of your hard work and reflect on your progress so far. Whatever that means for you, it could be just going out in the sun. It could mean just staying still in your own space, but really congratulate yourself. Raise your vibration strong, because remember that when you vibrate at a very high frequency, the earth can vibrate at a very high frequency and the people around you can shift and change. So, really honor yourself. Take that energy in and feel grounded, and take a vacation from all of your hard work.

As you move into August, stay open to all of the new opportunities that coming to you. This is a month of opening up and expanding. Create expansion around your energy body. You have taken a vacation, you have done all of your hard work, you know where you are headed and where you want to be, and you are going to expand your energy field, create a ritual for yourself, clean your altar, and move the pieces from your altar around, and focus on expanding your energy and staying open to all of the new opportunities that are coming your way.

This month act on the best opportunities that are presented to you, and anchor your new ideas. There will be many opportunities that will be presented to us in September. Don’t pick the first one! Remember the patience that was with us in January, and sit with it, trust yourself, and pick the right one for you.

Now is when we will act on our new ideas, and find our new ideas exciting! October is going to be a month when the winds are blowing, the harvest. It is a time to harvest all of your ideas and see what has been working, and let go of what no longer works. You will be feeling the winds of change upon you in October.

This month will also be a month for assessing what is working and what is not. Be truthful with yourself. This is a year of Truth. Harmonize your energy for yourself, for your environment, and for the planet. November is a time for beginning to quiet down. You have had all of these new ideas, so much has happened in the previous months, and this month you should bring it down and harmonize the energy.
Be very honest with yourself. Go back over the years and say, “I am still acting out in this way.” Or, “I am still not being conscious about this.” This does not mean to beat yourself up, it just means awareness and enlightenment. Awareness is half the battle. Don’t however forget to be loving and compassionate with yourself.

In December you are going to be triumphant! It is a time to celebrate your journey; celebrate who you are in light and gratitude. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come. It doesn’t matter if it feels like nothing worked out, just be at peace with it. We always want to focus on what didn’t work, instead of focusing on what does. Take that time in December to be super grateful for making it through another year, for the things that you learned along the way, the rituals and celebrations you had, the community that you created, and be ready to take a triumphant vibration into 2016.

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