Ascended Masters Card Reading

Ascended Masters Card Reading

With all of the fluctuating energy swirling around us, Shaman Isabella tunes in to the energy of the Universe and delivers a card reading from the Ascended Masters deck by Doreen Virtue (recorded live on Facebook). The card pulled is “Come out of the Closet”…which if we look inward, we can ask ourselves: “Where am I hiding in my life? Am I hiding my talents? Am I afraid to step into my magic?” Whatever you feel you are holding back, now is the time to let it shine!

BONUS: Please enjoy the crystal sound healing near the end of the video!

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Ascended Masters Card Reading

UK Tour ~ Healing Waters Sanctuary, Glastonbury

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Listen in on my recent Facebook Live video with Juliet from the Healing Waters Sanctuary (Glastonbury, England) as we discuss why it’s important to BE IN THE MOMENT. Allow your heart to open and release past trauma on the deepest level…take the time for yourself to move into a higher energy vibration! For information about sacred site tours, please visit

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A Sacred retreat to Mount Shasta

A Sacred retreat to Mount Shasta

With Deborah Shea & Shaman Isabella Stoloff

May 14th-18th 2014
Mount Shasta Retreat
When I began leading people on spiritual journeys to Peru I had no idea it would become something I did here in the States. Since my first group in 2009 I have had more opportunities to guide people. We have explored Joshua tree, Sedona, Glastonbury England, and now Mount Shasta!

I am so excited to bring a group to the sacred mountain of Shasta. The energy there is incredible and this will be a time of deep rich connection. Deborah works with the Lemurian energy and the ascended masters and I work with ancient practices for connecting deep within as well as the energy of our beautiful mother earth.

In our busy days we find little time to connect, meditate and play so our creative talents can emerge. We are the ones we have been waiting for. But first we must clear our old wounds and learn how to use our energy correctly.

This sacred journey will bring many opportunities for expansion. It will be a time of ceremony and reflection so we can get clear on what life really means to us, and how to expand our consciousness and embrace our light at a whole new level.

During the Wesak moon (Buddha’s birthday) the energy on the Mountain is intensely beautiful. It will be a fantastic time to offer our prayers while getting deeper in touch with our souls!

Here is a peek at what we will be offering…Crystal grids, sweat lodge, mini hikes, Despacho ceremony and Healing through Movement.