Dear Friends,
This month has been one of inner reflections…standing up for what you believe as truth, and stepping aside while the old belief patterns melt away.  We are in a time of tremendous transition and I am feeling the shift deep in my bones. Time is an illusion and we have the ability to manifest faster and stronger than ever before…See it, Feel it, Believe it!
I feel we are all here at this time for a reason. We asked to be here, we asked for our lessons. It’s time to learn those lessons and move forward. There is no need to hold those stories so tightly to us any longer.
Meditating On WaterAlthough at times I am not always sure of why I am here, one thing holds true: in order to make a change we have to gather together. We have to ask questions and not just take what we are given. If we are to change our lives we have to find our inner power and stand in it always and teach our children to do the same. With love in our hearts we have to be true to ourselves.
Pay attention to what is going on around you. Trust your inner wisdom and spirit guides now more than ever before. The veils are thinning. Go outside, breathe in the sun; stand in the moon light, and awaken to your divine potential! 🌟