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Looking to reconnect with yourself and the world around you?

Regenerate your spirit among the most enchanting places in the world with Shaman Isabella, as she leads you on a spiritual journey and sacred sites tour to achieve new awareness and awakening in yourself and the world around you.



“I experienced many beautiful shifts that have been long lasting for me. Isabella is an amazing guide who made the trip interesting because she combined spiritual healings and Shamanic Rites along with fun, adventurous activities. Our trip to Machu Picchu was one of the many highlights I shall never forget. I highly recommend Isabella’s tours.” // Mary H. 12.10

Machu Picchu | Ancient Sites
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12-12-12 Joshua Tree

Tour Glastonbury’s Mysterious Multidimensional History

Travel to Sacred Sites of the Middle Ages Shamanic Travel | ENGLAND RETREAT | June 20-28, 2016 Come away with me to the sacred sites of Avalon... Glastonbury | Avebury | Stonehenge ~ $3330.00 ~ 9 days all lodging → Click here to visit Shamanic Travel for more info!...

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A Sacred retreat to Mount Shasta

With Deborah Shea & Shaman Isabella Stoloff May 14th-18th 2014 When I began leading people on spiritual journeys to Peru I had no idea it would become something I did here in the States. Since my first group in 2009 I have had more opportunities to guide people....

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A Modern Day Shaman a Conversation with Isabella Stoloff

VM: Our theme this month is Indigenous wisdom, which I think is perfect for your Shaman work Isabella. How did you start your work? I’m sure there have been many layers but how did the beginnings of your healings, your teachings and your group work start? IS: In 1991...

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Sedona Retreat 2013 A Journey to Your Soul

A Journey to Your Soul So many are feeling disconnected from their purpose. The day-to-day grind is beginning to take its toll. Our spirits are in need of a deep healing. We are so disconnected from Pachamama, our planet, our mother that we find it hard to connect to...

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