Detox the Mind, Body & Spirit


Welcome to Detox the Mind Body Spirit Series.
Each video contains insightful information to assist you in creating total health and wellness.
There will be 15 videos total running anywhere from 20-40 mins each on healing, meditations, shamanic journey, health tips, motivation and more.

This is a 3 Part Series | $150.00 for each module, $450 TOTAL

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Release the Negative Mind
Detox the Mind is a 5-day virtual class. For 20 mins. a day I will lead you through different experiences to release the negative mind. Shamanic journey, meditations, journaling, techniques, and healing are all included. Read testimonials of others who enjoyed the class below.

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Feel Better Inside and Out
Detox the Body is a 5-day virtual class. For 20 mins. each day you will learn, meditation, movement, journaling, and receive healing. This class is packed with information to guide you on your spiritual path.

The choices we make regarding what we are feeding our thoughts, is the same as the choices around what we are feeding our bodies. My intention for this 5-day class is for you to feel better inside and out.

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Feel Clear and Connected
Detox the Spirit is a 5-day virtual class. For 20 mins each day we will learn to let go of any heaviness of the spirit. I will teach techniques for meditation, spiritual enlightenment and healing. You will leave feeling clear and connected.

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