Abundance Meditation


I have created a short mediation for you to do over and over to help you.



In 2009 the Orange County Healing Center was born. When I began seeing clients, spirit told me in order to truly help others, I needed to become open to receive. I have always loved giving but being open to receive was challenging. If a compliment or a gift was given I had a had a difficult time receiving it.
Spirit revealed this lesson and I am sharing it with you all in hopes it touches you in the same way it touched me.

“If you deny another from giving to you, you are actually blocking that person from doing what you love to do the most.”
I had never looked at it that way. I finally saw that when I wasn’t open to another’s gifts I was actually stopping them from doing one of my favorite things to do…GIVE.
The next nugget spirit gave me was this…
“When you allow another to give to you, you are still giving….you are actually giving them the gift of giving.”
This concept blew me away so I began to play around with this idea and it was amazing to see how well it worked. I could feel the energy of reciprocity.

The next time someone offers you a compliment or a gift, receive it with grace and gratitude. Notice how it feels to be in the flow.
Recently a friend offered me a gift and I wasn’t open to it. I saw at some level my ego was still controlling me and I was not fully open to receive.
We are like an onion and each level of healing deepens our spirituality.
Today I recognize when I am blocking myself and I breathe, step aside and await the lesson. I feel spirit was gently reminding me to stay in Ayni.
This is a Quechuan word from Peru…”AYNI.”
Ayni means reciprocity, the state of giving and receiving. When you are open to give and receive you are able to live in a balanced state. And isn’t that what we all desire in our lives more balance?
Abundance is an energy and when we are open to Ayni this energy has a way of filling our lives. The key is to see where we are still blocking ourselves.

Where do you feel you are still blocking your abundance?
How can you let go and allow the energy to flow to you?


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