Grounding is an important tool in manifesting. But how does one ground. One way is to get your feet in the dirt. Take off your shoes and stand in the yard, whether on grass or dirt, the earth has energy to assist you in grounding your energy. But what if you cannot get to dirt? It is as simple as taking a breath. Take a deep breath in and concentrate on moving your energy into the earth. Take a few deep belly breaths and imagine you are going into the mother. Our beautiful mother earth is here to guide you and answer your prayers. So feel your heart deeply connecting with her, as you ground your energy and trust all will be well. When you set a clear intention for manifesting and ground it in the earth the Universe hears you, and as it is the law will give you what you truly desire. I like to say, “Highest and best good~no harm to anyone” when I ask the Universe to support me. Feel the love of Pachamama and know deep in your heart that you deserve the best! Ground yourself daily.
Have a blessed and beautiful day!