How can we forgive the atrocities of the world? How can we find peace and shine light on the planet when so much chaos continues? Fighting for what we believe in or saying horrible things about opposing parties is not the way. Ig has to start within. YOU must find peace within your soul and forgive yourself for the things you have done. Come to terms with your life and who you are. If you do not like what you see then CHANGE IT! Only you have the power to change your reality. Once you have seen the light within yourself, then you can send that love, that light out into the world to create peace. As long as you are complaining nothing will change. Find the goodness in every situation. Project peace and forgiveness around the world. We are vibrational beings and that which we send out we create more of. I have realized this is the only way we will create lasting peace. I choose peace, forgiveness, love and understanding to rule my day.