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Be still, watch, and listen.

Self-Love & Good Vibes

Join me in releasing old energy so you can vibrate at the highest frequency possible. It all comes back to LOVE & self care!

Hello from Durango , CO
I am so grateful to my friends for inviting me up here for a bit of R&R (even though I have still been seeing clients). It has been wonderful to ground in and take some time to get quiet and focus on myself.

Many of us, at this time, who are in the profession of helping others, can quite possibly be over giving, or taking on too much. My prayer for us all is self-care.

Now, more than ever before, we must take care of ourselves in order to be an example to others. 

Whether you are a healer, caretaker, mother, empath, giver, or over-thinker, the Universe is giving us a nudging to go inward and take better care of ourselves. Mind-Body & Spirit.

This can be done in a number of ways.

1. Listen to your thoughts – How are they serving you or your vibration?
2. How are your days spent? Is there time for you?
3. Do you feel in or out of your body?

Take some time to write these questions down. Then fill in where you are at in the moment. Where does your mind go?  Make up some questions of your own & become your own teacher. How would you help a friend? Pretend that you are your friend and treat your mind in this way. Watch what happens.

Wherever thought goes energy follows.

When we remember this simple concept, we can shift and consciously create what we truly desire.

Use this video, healing & teaching to help you …
“Listen with your heart – Feel with your mind”. 

As many of you know, when I am pulling cards for others they pertain to us all, and if I pull the same card more than 3 times, I know it is the Universe stoping me, and asking me to provide a teaching. This is what happened in our last Sunday’s FB – LIVE feed.

Please watch to the end and go back over the teaching’s until you fully understand the power & intelligence that resides in your HEART!

Although my Sunday’s are free to those without resources, so they can experience deep healing and teachings,  I am open to donations from those who would like to do so….

If anyone feels called to donate, you can do so either through or Venmo @isabella-stoloff

Continue to shine your light Tribe & be on the look out for more meditations as I will be sending them out in the next week.

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