During the past 18 days of this 21 day momentum challenge, I have found myself so busy it was hard to keep up with myself. I know there is importance in finding the balance in life. Today I am resting in Capo Beach at my friend’s home. Time to reflect on the past month, my accomplishments and setbacks. Life is filled with ups and downs, darkness and light. It is how we deal with those challenges that makes us who we are. Throughout my life if things got tough I would push myself forward. There was one point when I desperately wanted to be a Junior high school teacher. I was already teaching at-risk, after school programs to youth and wanted more stability in my career. I felt teaching would give me what I desired. I flew to Sacramento and went before the board. Although I had worked so hard at getting my life back together the board would not approve me. One of the members who sat behind the long oak table asked me, “Why should we allow you to teach? What if a parent found out about your past and did not want an x-drug addict teaching their children?” I said, “Who better then I to teach your children? Someone who has experienced life like I have? I can really help those kids”. I was heartbroken but knew there was something else in store for me. Eventually, I was able to teach in a University and a Community college. If I had given up that never would have happened. Let this momentum challenge teach you to never give up. Do not allow others opinions of you drag you down. Live from your heart and keep on moving. Today, be the best human you can. Love yourself and help another to see their light. This is the new wave of the future, to get back to our roots, create communities of oneness, and grow.