Set aside a few minutes today for yourself. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. When the mind comes in, fill it with light and thank it for sharing. Tell it I will think about that later, now is time to “mind dump”. Allow all those thoughts to release now. As you tune into your guides feel as if your mind, body, and spirit are glowing. Once you have captured a moment of clarity begin to visualize what you want, it is much easier to manifest when you have a clear mind and can see what it is you desire. Now some of us do not think we “see”, we have a tough time visualizing, don’t let this stop you. The truth is you see with your feelings. We can all feel or sense something even if we cannot actually “SEE” it. So do just that, feel it into being. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Once you have spent a few moments living in this visualization get a pen and paper and sketch it out. Even if you cannot draw just make some marks on a paper to mark it down. It may come in words or drawings. I am visualizing the area where we have fire ceremonies in the back. I see the lay out of the stone work I want in the ground. Creating a tangible visual for your mind to actively engage in works very well. When your mind takes out the negative and makes room for the positive anything is possible! Your homework or homeplay as I like to refer to it as is….when the mind wants to figure out how this idea you have, this visualize will actually happen and it throws you a curve you MUST say, “Cancel Clear Delete…I do not have to figure out the why. My job is to see it and feel it and act as if it is already here.” See you tomorrow