What is holding you back today? What is in your way? Any idea you may have of a situation or a challenge you are going through or facing is just a thought, that is all, a thought. Whether or not you choose to focus on that thought is your choice. Even if you are having the worst of luck it is how you think about your situation that matters most. Spend today focusing on something other than the challenge, or situation you are faced with. Focus on the light and the warmth of the light. Think about something positive, something that makes you feel great. Everyday is such a precious gift. If we see each day that way instead of finding all that is wrong with it we will change our situations and things that used to feel like challenges will fade away. If you have been making strides toward changing your patterns, day 18 is sure to bring you more energy and positive thoughts. Take some time for yourself and feel this momentum of change coming into your head, in your crown chakra filling your entire body. We have great assistance available to us at this time from whatever Universal wisdom you believe in. Whether it be a Guru, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, God, your Higher self, Goddesses, Angels, Guides, Transcended masters, whatever you call it they are all here just waiting to be asked for help. They want to assist you in any way they can. See beyond your box. Break free from the conventional way of being. Feel this magnificent energy flowing all around your light body. Feel this energy deep in your soul and manifest from your creative center today. Articles and Blogs written by Isabella Stoloff founder of the OC Healing Center. Here you will find many meditations and insights from clearing your energy body to creating the life you want to live.