Some day’s life just takes hold and the momentum is so strong it sweeps us away to unknown territory. At the last minute my friend asked me if I would like to go the Catalina Island over night for my birthday. Of course I said, YES! A quick getaway was just what I needed. The last time I had been to the island was in 1984 with my mother and children. At that time I was a mess. Looking at the photos from that day I see a shell of a woman disappearing into the dark void she had created for herself. While there I had memories and caught my mind wandering from guilt and shame, to mournfulness of how I had treated my mother and the void I must have created in my children’s lives. I wouldn’t allow myself to go there for long, when the thought would come I would not wait for it to affect my energy body and vibration. I released the thought in love and light and felt a sense of peace over the years I spent in the darkness, knowing that in the darkness there is light. This trip to the island was much different. I had an amazing time and we stayed in the Wrigley mansion on Mt Ada, where I felt the presence of his wife Ada and the memories that fill the rooms of that magical place. I felt blessed to still be alive. Once I arrived on the dock at Long Beach harbor I knew my focus needed to turn to the Summer Solstice I was having last evening. One of my favorite things to do is get my home, the OC Healing Center ready for gatherings. We had a beautiful evening of food, friends, music, and ceremony. The feeling of love is still with me. A remembrance of why I am here on the planet at this time. As I release my stories and the stories of my friends, clients and family I also release the stories from the planet. This in turn creates a lighter place to live, in more ways than one. Today remember a story and release it and feel your container grow. Fill your container with light and lighten the load for us all!