Perfection. What if we knew we were born into perfection? What if there was no fear and only love? The more soul retrievals I do for others, and the more I grow, I realize more and more that we are pure divine light. What we hold in our hearts, what lives behind the hurt and pain, is pure perfection. It is our past traumas and the imprint that are created by those around us that affect us most. The pain and suffering of those around us is what creates the earliest memory on our energy fields. These imprints activate old cellular memory, the memories of our ancestors as well as what we bring in from past lives. This is what begins the shutdown of our light. I remember being a very happy kid, but the pain my mother was feeling was transferred energetically to me. At a very young age I can remember looking out of the window while driving with her in the car. We would listen to all the old love songs. Songs about lonely people, and love lost. Even at the age of 7 & 8 I could feel those songs in my soul, although I had never experienced them. I now know some of those were my mother’s transferred feelings, and I found myself in pain from them. Be aware of the signals you are sending to your children, even if it is energetically. Be aware of the things you say. It is not only their minds that are like little sponges but their energy bodies. Their little bodies are like sponges absorbing all the signals you and those around you send. Treat the children like they are perfection by treating yourself like perfection. Model the behavior you want to see in them with yourself first. Allow the children to teach us how to love. Find the momentum in your divine perfection.