The world is made up of energy and so are we. Just as the world takes care of itself with fire and flood we must do the same for our light body. FIre ceremony is a wonderful way of releasing what no longer serves us in this lifetime. Fire is transformational. Blow into a stick what you want to release, and then blow into the stick what you want instead. Feel a shift in your vibration. Step out of the old and into the new. Fill your body with light and love. Allow the fire and salt bath to naturally heal you. If you cannot have a fire outdoors here is a simple way to do it at home…the bath will cleanse your energy field as well, here are the ingredients for an at home fire.

1. Epson salt

2. Small tin for baking small breads

3. Over 90% rubbing alcohol.

4. Long light

5. Stick or paper

Create a scared space. Feel connected to a greater presence. Call in your highest self. First fill the tine a little under ¾ of the way with Epson salt. Put about one shot of the rubbing alcohol into the tin. Light the ingredients in the tin on fire. It may take a few tries. Never pour alcohol on a fire. Imagine a luminous being standing behind you protecting you. Bring the fire into your chakras up and over your head…..turn around and feel it on your back. Imagine it transforming you! Sea Salt & Baking soda bath. Home Depot solar salt water softener, its over 98% pure sea salt, 40 lb. bag. Organic Baking Soda. Pour up to 1 lb salt and a few handfuls of soda….relaxing soak 20 mins. rinse off after. You can add olive oil or your favorite essential oil to feel even yummier…. ENJOY!