Testimonials for the services of Shaman Isabella Stoloff


“Hi Isabella! The energy you re-instilled in my wife, and actually myself, is unbelievable. I am having one of my best days in months full of productivity, positive thinking, love, you name it, I feel great. Skype really does work! I am really looking forward to connecting with you again on a regular basis and exploring all the spirituality that my wife and I have been so blessed to experience with you. Thank you so much for your flexibility last night (or this AM for you) she is moving forward very well today. It was nice to say hi and I really do look forward to our reconnection. Have a safe trip home and talk soon. Thank you.”


“Isabella! I have turned to you over these last few years for guidance and helping me perceive what is going on in my life. You are amazing! I am very strong and you have managed to calm me down and give me the strength to control and understand myself. My family is so grateful and I will always cherish our friendship! Here’s to many more visits together! Love You and Respect You! Cheers to You!”


“Thank you so much for your support, love, and dedication to soul work! I know there is more energy work to do. This process is so enlightening. My soul energy has changed to where I feel my boundaries, confidence, and other attributes are just opening to a level I never consider or even expected. You my friend are TRUE beacon of light.”


“I had today a session, and my husband too and it was amazing. I never felt the way I feel now, I feel a releav of tension, I had like a heavy rock inside me that was pressing and bothering and now I feel like I got wings. Thank you so much and she is a MIRACLE from God who can heal all of us. :)”

-Irine & Steve

“Recently I had a very challenging health issue and needed to have surgery. I thought I lived mostly a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise. I felt that my yoga and meditation practice kept me in pretty good balance. But I was swept off center with this heath concern. What would ordinarily be minor irritations during the course of a day that I could let wash off my back prickled and ate at me. My blood pressure was going up and seemed alarmingly high in my pre-op exam. I realized that I needed more help in centering myself to prepare for this surgery. I also have a family friend who had a miraculous turn around in her illness because of prayer. In her case, the cancer that was to be operated on reversed itself. She firmly believed it was due to her parish praying for her. Another friend at work said that her marriage was suffering and when she and her husband visited a shaman they were helped greatly. So I decided to seek out a shaman and found Isabella. She was kind enough to see me on the spur of the moment the night before my biopsy. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence and home. She is very intuitive and perceptive…. I felt like we cleared up things I had been working on for many years. In traditional psychotherapy you often get to what the cause of your issue is, but I had always been left with a feeling of, “And now what?” I knew what the root of the issue was but was stumped at where to go from there to resolve it. Then I would find myself triggered by the same issues again Through Isabella’s shamanic clearing ritual, we went the next step. Some of the same issues I had been dealing with over the years came up as well as others that I had buried deep. Then, through the clearing I felt a lifting and lightness. This was the missing step! I left there feeling very light, calm and cleansed. Interestingly enough, the next day when they took my blood pressure just before the operation it was down to normal. The results of the operation were good also. What was feared might be breast cancer was just a tiny area of precancerous cells. The surgeon was happy with the results and got clean margins..”


“I like Isabella’s innovative style and healing process. After having my home on the market for several months, Isabella performed a house clearing and my home sold within 2 weeks! Thank you for your wonderful energy.

-Crystal Rose

“The results of these healings have covered a broad spectrum of benefits. The first benefit that comes to mind is that instead of having my energy sapped by personal problems, painful memories or having to overcome blocks to achievement in life; I now have that same energy to put into succeeding at projects, consistently exercising and finally having the time and energy to actually enjoy my life. A second distinction that sets Isabella apart is her blunt honesty. I remember wanting to work on an issue but I just found it too embarrassing to mention. I think that Isabella intuitively knew that I was holding back and let loose with an extremely candid statement about herself. Feeling a new found sense of security, I divulged the issue and Isabella and I worked together to quickly remedy the problem. I am on the second round of her 10 session package and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.


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