Testimonials for the services of Shaman Isabella Stoloff


“I recently attended the group healing that Isabella facilitated at the expo in Orange County. As she was doing her energy work I felt a tremendous energy force. I could feel my body contracting and releasing. It felt like I was being wrapped in a cocoon and then released and rewraped and then completely released. The energy felt so wonderful. This releasing, joyful light filled energy has stayed with me for several days after the healing. Thank you Isabella. Bigg Hugg and loving healing light to you.”

-Karin Marquez

“Bella has been a guiding light in my life. I have been working with her for about a 2 years and haven’t looked back since. She has help me find my inner power on confidence, wisdom, overcoming fears and the worse fear of all being afraid of the dark, this particular fear still comes and goes but with Bella teaching and powerful words of wisdom and healings I have found the guidance to not lose my self in the dark and where to find the light. I love you Bella, Thank you for helping me believe in myself.”

-Jessica Gonzalez | Potential Yoga Instructor and Shamanist

“I have worked on and off with Isabella for a couple of years. Recently, I had a session with her that was so transformative and amazing that it really rocked my world. She has always been talented and caring and good at working with healing energies. But… WOW! Her ability and insight have ripened into something beyond what I thought possible. She was so amazingly fast and adept; in and out… and she cleared blockages and crystallized energies that had plagued me for months. After the session: peace and stillness. It’s been a couple of weeks and that lightness and purity is still there. She is a gift and worth so much more than she charges. Highly recommended. I am very grateful and blessed.”


“Hi Isabella, I wanted to thank you for your recent visit and the well being that you restored into my life. I was experiencing the sensation of being very stuck in different areas of my life, especially at work and in relationships or the lack thereof. The time we spent together has made a huge difference…it started so soon after we met and now that you have cleared the energies things are starting to flow again in my life. I have met some wonderful guys, I am feeling stronger and more confident at work and a sense of joy has returned. A lot of my fears has dissipated and I feel calm again. You are a beautiful sister and very gifted – I cannot thank you enough for coming into my life. Many blessings”

-Linda Grean

“Isabella Stoloff is a powerful healer. She approaches energy medicine with such certainty that you always feel like you’re in good hands. She’s helped me step forward on my journey in a more powerful way.”

John Battaglia | Founder, The Rockstar in You

“Thank you for removing the pain from my leg. You are a truly gifted healer. I am thanking God for directing me to meet you and your caring heart. I could not lift my leg to the car without holding it. Your focus was amazing to lift that problem from me. I will remember you all my life?

-Debra Delong

“The experience that was shared working with Isabella was rich,vibrant, and freeing. I highly recommend working with her since the rewards are clearly manifesting in my life.”

-Timothy O’Leary

“Isabella, I want to thank you again for the wonderful experience in your one-on-one Shamanic session. The experience felt like a concept of magic and compassion…Your session opened up three opportunities from clients. Thank you for bringing the subtle benefits of work through your friendly,safe,and personal manner. Love & Light”

-John S.

“Thanks again for the clearing. You were able to move a ton of very old stuff and I cannot remember the last time I felt this open”


“Isabella Stoloff is a gifted healer and a shaman with a big heart. My session with her cleared out old doubts in a matter of minutes.”

-Leslie Cerier | The Organic Gourmet

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