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Many clients call me seeking relief from issues that are keeping them from moving forward in their lives. What I have found is that everything that has ever happened to us gets stored on our body and our light body. If these issues are not addressed they can make us feel stuck and unable to move forward.
The healings I give clear these imprints so you can move forward and create the life you truly desire. My techniques work at a deep core level so you are able to release quickly what you have been holding onto for years and even lifetimes.

I have been gifted with the ability to assist you in clearing out old negative belief patterns so you can bring beauty and childlike wonder back into your soul.

I am also available for pet healings. Just as we suffer with emotional and physical issues our pets do as well. Energy healing assist your pets in living a more well-balanced life. Pets can also pick up on the issues we are experiencing. It is a wonderful experience for a pet to be able to release the old energy the same way you do. Call today to discuss how a healing for your pet can be beneficial.

30 min pet healings available for

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Two of my healing techniques are called past life soul retrieval and present day soul retrieval. These techniques bring back splintered pieces of your light. Remembering the beauty of your light creates more connection to your true purpose. Lifetimes are like onions and we have many layers. When you receive a healing you release a layer. As you remove these layers you learn to live a life of fulfillment and joy.

My clients walk away feeling lighter and brighter with a deep sense of peace.

They are able to connect clearly with their angels and guides.


Chakra Balancing | Soul Retrievals | Sound and Color therapy | Pet Healings
Death rites to release lifetimes of pain and suffering

I look forward to assisting you and your families today.


Shaman Energy Healing : Online scheduling

Sessions last approx. 1 hour
Skype: istoloff
Phone: (714)603-8624

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