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  • Sat

    Creating Freedom: A Spiritual Workshop

    11am-1pmOrange County Healing Center

    Tune in to this dynamic workshop at the Orange County Healing Center Feb 3rd from 11-1:30pm

    Creating Freedom is what we all desire. I designed this class around my Good Vibes positive affirmation deck. We will create a ceremonial circle and anchor into our light. We will use the cards to let go of old vibrations that no longer served us so we can open up to our inner wisdom. Trusting our intuition is key in being able to open up to the invisible world.

    Everyone who comes will receive a deck of their own. If you already have a deck bring it and you can use the other as a gift or as a 2nd deck to bring to your workplace. I have a long time client/friend who leaves his Good Vibes deck in the office so when he arrives at work he can take a moment and pull a card for the day. He told me he leaves the card up on his computer so he can refer to it throughout the day. What a wonderful idea I thought, I must share it!

    Using cards as a daily meditation practices can help center your day.

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