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    EVOLVE YOURSELF Peru Retreat


    Evolve Yourself: Journey to Peru

    Have you ever wanted to explore South America and the ancient cities of Peru? If your answer is yes, then come away with me to the Sacred Valley and Peruvian sites that connect you deeply with Mother Earth and your Soul.

    Join me as I guide you to one of my most favorite places on Earth. Each time I return to the mystical, magical land of Peru I deepen my connection to spirit, myself and my personal guides. I have designed a deep spiritual retreat just for you. We will visit ancient sites, and sit on Pachamama drinking in the beautiful energy she has to offer.

    From the moment we land in Cusco, Peru our experience begins. A safe and comfortable van and driver will be there to take you to our first hotel in the quaint area of San Blas. Cobblestone streets and fine dining await us as well as the incredible energy of the Peruvian people. Discover amazing foods and shops with their own unique gifts to share. The city lights in the evening are incredible.

    We will journey to Sacred sites including Machu Picchu on the Vista Dome train. Every day is filled with ceremony, magic and an awakening to the stars.

    For those interested in plant medicine I will arrange a divine ceremony for you.

    I am looking forward to being your guide.

    FULL INFO → www.ShamanicTravel.com | shamanisabella@gmail.com

    Evolve Yourself: Journey to Peru



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