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  • Sat
    3-5pmOrange County Healing Center
    Children’s Blessing Day
    May 20th 3-5pm // Donation
    Bring flowers and a lawn chair

    Hello Tribe,

    A client/friend had asked me last year if I had ever done a blessing for children. I thought to myself, “What a lovely idea”.  So I am planning on doing one here at the OCHC, May 20th from 3-5pm.

    As some of you know, my healings have been instrumental in helping women be able to conceive. My first was In-Vitro and she had twins! Next was a client who wasn’t sure if it was time and she had a beautiful son who is now almost 5. I worked with her and her family and she came back a few years later wondering about having a 2nd child. Her last son was born almost 2 years ago. His eyes shine crystal light.

    While traveling in England last year I was working with another client who was on the last of her 10-sessions package via Facetime. I felt a little girl holding her hand. She told me she was pregnant. Can I just say, “Wow!?!" She has just given birth to the most darling little girl. Recently, I was working with a young woman who had troubles and the other day she told me she is over a month pregnant and the baby’s heartbeat is strong. Let us also honor the baby that was conceived here while my friend was living in the back. We were trading healings and housing for fresh cooked meals (and cat sitting). This one was a boy. These children know the parents that are doing the inner work and are ready to be born.

    The karmic loops are real, and they are ready to be broken. The new generation of Crystal Star-lite children are ready to come and birth a new world. After just a few energy medicine sessions, the imprints that used to haunt you can be released. This, along with a daily cleansing of your mind will assist you in creating the life of your dreams. If you are a parent or want to be, clearings will help not only you but also your entire family.

    The more of this work I do, the more I see how important it is to continue to clear my energy body and also how powerful thoughts are. In the beginning it may seem like an upward battle, but I promise with constant attention of how you think it will get easier.

    If you have children no matter the age, join me in a ceremony to honor the children.

    This will be done on a donation basis, as I will turn no one away.

    I am so looking forward to Blessing your Children.

    ~Shaman Isabella

  • Thu

    Evolve Yourself: Journey to Peru

    Have you ever wanted to explore South America and the ancient cities of Peru? If your answer is yes, then come away with me to the Sacred Valley and Peruvian sites that connect you deeply with Mother Earth and your Soul.

    Join me as I guide you to one of my most favorite places on Earth. Each time I return to the mystical, magical land of Peru I deepen my connection to spirit, myself and my personal guides. I have designed a deep spiritual retreat just for you. We will visit ancient sites, and sit on Pachamama drinking in the beautiful energy she has to offer.

    From the moment we land in Cusco, Peru our experience begins. A safe and comfortable van and driver will be there to take you to our first hotel in the quaint area of San Blas. Cobblestone streets and fine dining await us as well as the incredible energy of the Peruvian people. Discover amazing foods and shops with their own unique gifts to share. The city lights in the evening are incredible.

    We will journey to Sacred sites including Machu Picchu on the Vista Dome train. Every day is filled with ceremony, magic and an awakening to the stars.

    For those interested in plant medicine I will arrange a divine ceremony for you.

    I am looking forward to being your guide.

    FULL INFO → www.ShamanicTravel.com | shamanisabella@gmail.com

    Evolve Yourself: Journey to Peru

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