Fire Ceremony & Sea Salt Baths

Fire CeremonyThe world is made up of energy and so are we. Just as the world takes care of itself with fire and flood we must do the same with our energy body…

Fire ceremony is a wonderful way of releasing what no longer serves you in this lifetime. Fire is transformational. Blow into a stick what you want to release, and then blow into the stick what you want instead. Feel your vibration change.

Step out of the old and into the new you. Filling your body with light and love. Allow the fire and salt bath to naturally heal you.

If you cannot have a fire outdoors here is a simple way to do it at home…the bath will clean your field as well…

At home fire…Epson salt a small tin for baking small breads and over 90% rubbing alcohol. Create a scared space feel connected to a greater presence…your highest self…..light the ingredients in the tin on fire….imagine a luminous being standing behind you protecting you. Bring fire into your chakras up and over your head…..turn around and feel in on your back imagine it transforming you! Sea Salt & Baking soda bath Home Depot solar salt water softener 40 lb. bag Costco large baking soda Pour up to 1 lb salt and a few handfuls of soda….relaxing soak 20 mins. rinse off after You can add olive oil or your favorite essential oil to feel even yummier…. ENJOY!

What’s Going On?

Woman Lost in CrowdWhat is going on in your life that you would like to change?
So many people today have a feeling of being stuck. Unable to move forward they feel hopeless and afraid. Afraid for their jobs, their children, whether or not they will be able to keep their homes. It is the underlining current of our nation. Fear.
What is your biggest fear?
If you could change anything in your life what would it be. What if I told you if you just trusted and believed everything would work out, then it would. Seems too simple right?
It is true. Thoughts and vibration equal success.
I would love to assist you in changing old belief patterns that have in the past held you back.
As a shaman-healer-spiritual teacher I can assist you in raising your consciousness.
I clear out old unwanted imprints from your energy field & chakras which are located in your energy centers & return to you fragmented soul parts
By doing this your mind is able to relax, you trust yourself more and are open to your own intuition.
The power of your mind coupled with the power of your vibration can create lasting changes in your life.
I want everyone to know they have the power to have the life of the dreams.

Relationship to Self = Relationship to Spirit

When you hear the word relationship what is the first thing you think of?
The relationship you are in with another. The man or woman you are with, or trying to manifest, your family, your friends or your relationship to the world and all of it creations?

Do you ever contemplate the relationship to yourself?
Have you ever tuned into exploring the idea of how to create a lasting relationship with yourself,to the spirit within? A relationship that will never leave you, for it is with you all the time? This is the most important relationship of all. A relationship with your higher self equals a relationship to spirit.
Woman Relfecting
Now ask yourself, have I ever really sat down and thought about my relationship to myself? Am I looking within and thinking about creating a lasting healthy relationship to myself? Or am I running around unconscious?
You may think, “What self do I need to have a strong relationship with? The thinking self? The one that is attached to the mind? Or the one in my heart & soul, the relationship with my higher self, my spirit?

We may mediate, tune in and ask how we are doing, but for the most part we are too busy taking care of everyone else. So we do not put much effort forth into actualizing what messages we were given during the meditation. Or if we are working at it, and we get it, it’s only for a fleeting moment. How do we tap into it when we are not in meditation, how do we keep that feeling all day long?
Some of us are always working on having a better relationship with others, striving toward feeling more connected, but this is not the answer. Have you ever stopped to think, “Will I have more meaningful relationships with others, if I cultivate a relationship within myself?” I say yes! This is the key! The key to opening up and having a strong relationship with self is the way to become more connected to others.
This connection to self will support us like no other relationship we have ever had.

Some may ask, “How do I have a healthy relationship with myself? Many of us do not know where to start. We are so used to taking care of others the idea of taking care of ourselves is foreign. Or some of us have been so selfish in the past we think, “ Well, I take care of myself all the time I have no problem in that area.
I am not talking about the mind. I am talking about something deeper. I am talking about the kind of self-love, self-care that only you can give to yourself. The deep knowing that you are divinely guided. A stronger sense of self, one that your higher self is waiting to give you at all times, if only you would were to ask. Stay out of your mind and receive. Remember you are not your mind you are spirit.
Just be…leave yourself alone…get out of your own way.
Now you may think, “Well that’s what they all say. It is easier said than done!”
The mind will always want to come in and want to control. That is its job. It is your job to be aware. Awareness is the solution to creating change. Being aware when the mind comes in and softly thanking it for sharing, then tuning into your higher self, your higher thoughts and changing your vibration. This is the first step.

If we truly begin to connect to ourselves we will have a fuller richer experience with those around us. We will be able to connect at a deeper level with spirit for as we all know spirit is not outside of ourselves it comes from within.
While guiding my group to the ancient ruins of Peru we had incredible awakenings, truths & realizations of who we were in relationship to those around us, seen and unseen. Spirit orbs were everywhere. They kept materializing in our photos.
Looking back as I write this article I see they were trying to tell us something. In my opinion they were showing themselves to us so we could see what lives inside of each of us. We are all bright shinny orbs. Spiritual beings.
In this photo Peter Sterling and I are at the top of Amantani on Lake Titicaca.
If this is the type of light we all have inside of us, let us all cultivate it. Make it feel we are here for it to be made manifest through us. We are pure love. Whether or not we feel it, we are. Stay connected to that part of yourself. Remember who you are. You are this ball of light.
Spend a few moments everyday connecting with that true self that inner God or Goddess that dwells in your temple, your body. Become conscious of what you say, eat, spend your time doing. Smile, relax, find ease and grace in everything you do.

When you find your mind wandering off in a negative direction gently bring it back and remind yourself you are love, you are spirit. All things come to you effortlessly and easily. Vibrate at the highest frequency possible, and connect. Connect to the flowers and the trees the animals, and others, but most of all remember to connect to yourself. Right here, Right now, close your eyes. Drink in the true beautiful essence of who you are and what you true purpose is here. This is a time of great awakenings. Be conscious of it and transform your life.

Published for Awareness Magazine May/June Issue 2010

Prosperity & Personal Empowerment

Dancer with powder in the airI spent many years trapped in a state of lack. My whole being screamed Victim! Those I met were ready to pounce on me as if I were prey. I had no idea I was actually bring this on myself. I felt hopeless helpless and totally victimized by those around me. The destiny I had claimed for myself was one of drug addict, teen mom, and battered wife. I saw no way out of the hole I had crept into, the hole I had dug for myself in order to find some sanity in this otherwise insane world.

As I look back in time I can remember a child who was strong, independent and thoughtful, but somehow I fell into a place of not feeling good enough. There was never enough in my house.

My mother always complained about money and the lack of it. This created a lasting imprint not only in my mind but on my energy body as well. My father was never around and she had to work very hard to be able to keep us in the home he had given her in the Hollywood Hills. It was the 60’s a time of love and war and keeping up with the Jones. My mother bless her soul was just trying to keep up with me.

Prosperity was not something we spoke of in the house. My mother was a very practical person, thrifty. She would walk instead of putting a dime in the parking meter. She saved and saved.

It may have looked as though we had money because of where we lived and the people whose houses we were invited to, but my mother worked everyday, sometimes three jobs to make sure the bills were paid.

At the time I could care less. All I could think of was myself and how I did not have what all the other kids had.

I really think it is in how you raise your children. Are you raising them to believe prosperity only means wealth? Or are you teaching them that prosperity comes from within? If you feel prosperous you are, if you feel lack or like a victim you are.

The statement “our thoughts become things” is so true, but even truer is the statement, “What you feel you are, you are”. If we raise ourselves and our children and grandchildren to believe in themselves. To find Personal empowerment they will fell prosperous as thus create prosperity in their lives.

If we focus on the land being prosperous. Growing food to nourish our bodies then we will survive.

There is much talk about 2012 and the end of the planet, as we know it. I do not believe this is true. It will however be the beginning of a new age, an age where people come together to create communities. I focus on how to create a more prosperous world. One where there is less cement and more soil–one where you can feel the richness when eating your food or smelling your air.

Everyone is complaining about on thing or another. Now is the time to remind yourself and others to think with a positive mind. TO expand your consciousness and grow your light body so you can create abundance in your life and the lives of your families.

If you are not connected to your family find your tribe. I talk a lot about finding your tribe. This is why I founded the Orange County Healing Center. It is a place for people to come together. I used to say it was a place for like-minded people to come together. Now I feel it is a more than just like-minded person. It is for all people who want a better life. We do not all need to be like-minded we just all need to have a common goal, to feel better. To step out of the place of victim, and look at what they have done to me. If we have the power of choose and the power of our minds then we have the power to change. We can change our minds, our lives, and our state of prosperity.

Go deep within and ask yourself where you feel lack in your life. Write it down. Now find where it lives in your body, your chakras. Is in your heart, your third eye? Find it now.
Then put that feeling of lack into the fire. Transform your energy into a feeling of light-love-happiness.
Vibrate at the highest frequency possible!